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Machine Learning Engineering

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Jun 26, 2023
You want to learn machine learning? Perfect! Here you'll get all the skills you need to build effective machine learning systems in the real world in hands-on projects.

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Become an ML Engineer – in the neue fische MLE Bootcamp

In Hamburg, Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich, Bochum or remotely (live online): In our Machine Learning Engineer Bootcamp you will learn from motivated mentors everything you need to know to get started as a Machine Learning Engineer. Gain and deepen knowledge in the areas of Software Engineering, Data Engineering, model deployment, monitoring and alerting, and Machine Learning testing. Your skills will be rounded off by knowledge in the areas of Project Management, Agile Working methods and the basics of Data Science (simple modelling, model evaluation).

Learn how to build real-world ML systems

Our Machine Learning Bootcamp offers you up to 180 hours of top-notch instruction, hands-on assignments, group feedback sessions, and training such as Scrum or time management. The best part: The course is organized into 4 weekly modules – they are designed to also work independently; thus you can also book only those weeks that fit your needs. Each week you will learn about a topic and work on a project. The modules are: Software Engineering for Data Scientists, Data Engineering (for the pre-production phase), Machine Learning Engineering and monitoring and alerting (for the post-production phase). These modules will help you bridge the gap between ML modeling, and building real-world ML systems. 

For whom is the bootcamp suitable?

The Machine Learning Engineering training is aimed at career specialisation for people with either data science experience or software engineering experience. A university degree or knowledge of statistics is an advantage, but not a requirement. You should bring programming experience in Python, some experience in SQL and have a base knowledge of Machine Learning. No MacBook? No problem, we'll lend you one. We promote DiversITy, regardless of gender, sexual orientations, social and ethnic background, etc., and welcome all who are motivated: Let’s code! 🌈


  • Full-Time: 9am – 6.30pm; Mo – Fr
  • 4 modules of 1 week each: bookable individually/in bulk
  • Participants: approximately 15
  • Coaches: 2 per bootcamp
  • Locations: Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich, Bochum or remote (live online)
  • Language: English
  • Certificate: Machine Learning Engineer

Our Coaches

Eike Rogall

Coach Data Science + Machine Learning Engineering

neue fische data science head coach Dr. Tereza Iofciu
Dr. Tereza Iofciu

Coach Data Science + Machine Learning Engineering

Tech Stack

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neue fische web development Alumni - Josefine Schaederneue fische Web Development Alumni Sophia Müller
Becoming a Machine Learning Engineer means building and maintaining effective ML systems in production

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Apply now for one of the popular places in the Machine Learning Engineering course. No suitable start date, or are you interested in only one or two of the weeks? Contact us here.

By the way: remote bootcamp participants can also use our campus to learn together and exchange ideas. We look forward to seeing you!

26th Jun21st Jul ‘23

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21st Aug15th Sep ‘23

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Less than 8 seats free

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This is what you learn in our Machine Learning Engineering Bootcamp

Fundamentals of Software Engineering

Unit testing

Nice to have you here! Get to know us and the other students. Together we'll start with the basics of Object Oriented Programming in Python and how to transition code from notebooks to scripts/programs. You will learn how to do Feature Engineering and how to test that your code works as expected.

You will learn how to write better code when working with data, and how to bring the code closer to being "production ready". We will practice refactoring Data Science code, writing web services, using containers and deploying to the cloud.

Fundamentals of Data Engineering

Data Architecture
Workflow Orchestration
Data Modeling
Data Pipelines
Batch Processing
Feature Engineering

Data Engineering is about moving and transforming data from one place to another in a reliable and trustworthy way. You will be introduced to data architecture design for batch and real-time data processing. You will learn about data modelling with DBT and workflow orchestration with Prefect.

Data fed to the model at prediction time must be generated in the same way as it was generated for model training. Practice how to set up a Feature Engineering pipeline for your model and learn about the differences between batch processing and streaming.

Fundamentals of Machine Learning Engineering

Behavioural Testing
Integration Testing
Model Deployment

In the third module of the bootcamp, you will become familiar with the Machine Mearning lifecycle and how to bring Data Science products into production. There will be an introductory session on Machine Learning and Deep Learning from an engineering perspective, focusing more on the aspects that are important for getting models into production in a reliable way. You will get an overview of the model deployment landscape and practice deploying both simple and complex models.

Fundamentals of Monitoring and Alerting for ML

Service Monitoring and Tracking
Model Diagnosis

In the fourth module of the bootcamp, you will get familiar with what it means to have Machine Learning products in production that work reliably over time. In this module, you learn how to deploy a model into production once and ensure that it works as expected for the current state of the environment and data. As more data is collected and the environment changes, models can become inaccurate. Therefore, we'll teach you how to monitor the deployed services both from the perspective of a software service (it runs fast and is always available) and from the perspective of the quality of the predictions produced (they are as accurate as expected). By the end, you will be able to detect data and model drift and how to retrain and select new models to deploy automatically.

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Simple and affordable

MLE Bootcamp starting from 1.300€ per Module up to 4.300€ for all 4 Modules*
*for self-paying persons

Education must be affordable. Because we believe in you, your chances and our bootcamps, we also take risks for you: For example, don't pay until you find a job. Check out all the funding options now or get advice directly.

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Everything you need to know about our Data Science training in one pdf: Content, pricing, funding, and everything about the application process. ✅


Really good questions, helpful answers.

You still have questions about the Machine Learning Engineering bootcamp, the prices, the financing, etc. ? Then look around here or contact us directly.

The Machine Learning Engineering bootcamp offers a career specialisation specifically for people with either Data Science or Software Engineering experience. Python Programming and at least some SQL experience are required. A university degree or knowledge of statistics is an advantage, but not a prerequisite. Not sure if it's for you? Get in touch with our admissions team and let us advise you.

The price of the MLE Bootcamp depends on the funding option you choose and the number of modules you choose. In principle, our MLE courses can cost as little as 0 € with appropriate funding and between 1.300 € and 4.300 € for self-payers, depending on the number of modules. If you book all four modules, we grant you a price reduction of 900 €.Our Student & Admissions Team will be happy to advise you and find the right option for you.

The course focuses on the end-to-end lifecycle of bringing a Machine Learning product into production. During the four modules, with the advice and support of your motivated coaches, you will focus on: Software Engineering for Data Scientists, Data Engineering (for the pre-production phase), Machine Learning Engineering, and monitoring and alerting (for the post-production phase). Each week ends with a small project.

 In recent years, the data profession has become more differentiated and specialised. This is a good development, as it is becoming clearer what companies expect from successful data teams. One emerging aspect is that, in addition to analytical and mathematical skills, there is an increasing emphasis on software development and the operationalisation of data products. The bootcamp will best prepare you for the role of a Machine Learning Engineer. However, positions such as Analytics Engineer, ML-Ops Engineer, Data Engineer and, depending on your background, Data Science positions often have a strong overlap with the content of the bootcamp.

Demand for Data Engineers has grown steadily over the past few years and remains strong. Depending on the industry, starting salaries of 50 – 60.000 € are quite realistic and can be even higher. Of course, as is often the case, the salary range can vary depending on experience and industry. Sounds good to you? Contact us directly and we can arrange an initial no-obligation interview.

What are you waiting for?

Our Student Admissions team is happy to talk with you, answer your questions, and advise you. Get in touch with us!

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