#learntocode with Fabian, Head Coach Java / Cloud Development

18th January 2022

java aws head coach fabian

Fabian launched both the Java and our new Cloud Development Bootcamp!

#learntocode with Fabian, Head Coach Java / Cloud Development

"At neue fische I have the opportunity to share my knowledge in Java and AWS with (lateral) beginners. In doing so, I find it particularly exciting how people develop in just 3 months and are then ready to take off in a wide variety of companies."

Our Head Coach for Java and Cloud Development Fabian has been interested in computer science since his school days and gained his first experiences as a Java Developer during his computer science studies. He has now been pursuing this passion for over 12 years, during which he has worked as a full-stack and backend developer as well as a consultant for companies. At neue fische he started both the Java and our new Cloud Development Bootcamp and is happy to share his knowledge with a wide variety of people. But read for yourself!

What did Fabian do before neue fische?

Fabian has always been interested in computer science and started learning the Java programming language at school. So it came as no surprise that he also gained his first practical experience as a Java developer during his master's degree in computer science. He now has over 12 years of experience as a software developer and consultant - most recently at the software company codecentric AG, where he also obtained his AWS certification.

Why did Fabian join neue fische?

Fabian launched the Java Bootcamp at neue fische at the beginning of 2020 and has already been able to implement it successfully several times, so that he now supervises an entire team of Java coaches. The first Cloud Development Bootcamp, which was created in collaboration with AWS as part of the AWS re/Start program, will also start soon.
What appeals to him most about the job as a coach at neue fische is that he can share his knowledge of Java and AWS with (lateral) beginners and see how people develop within just three months and are then ready to take off in a wide variety of companies.

And what else does Fabian do?

In addition to his work at neue fische, Fabian has also founded the sustainable company deinHofmarkt.de, a regional marketplace for certified organic businesses. There, he is largely responsible for the software development of the project and has developed the backend and the app.
Want to meet Fabian in person? Then simply apply at studienberatung@neuefische.de for one of our upcoming Java or Cloud Development Bootcamps in 2022!

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