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Cloud Developerin Munich

Learn everything you need to work as a Cloud Developer on teams at the most cutting-edge digital companies.

Next course start: 29. November 2021

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neue fische is a team of industry experts with a clear vision and a strong partner network of leading digital companies and startups from all over Germany

Admissions & Student Services

Alessa Füger

Servus, Grias di and Hello! Alessa is our Admissions & Student Services Manager in Munich. The passion to support people in their development has brought Alessa to the field of recruiting. During her several years of professional experience, she has already been able to help many talented people to realize their career and get closer to their dream. No wonder that her path has thus led her to neue fische. Having recruited for an IT bootcamp, among other things, she knows what it takes to successfully master the courses at neue fische and is very passionate about advising interested parties. She conducts the selection process with the applicants for the Munich location and also supports the students with words and deeds during their time at the bootcamp. Among other things, the course participants benefit from her experience when it comes to interview and career coaching.


Manager Career Services & Partner Management

André Vennemann

Andre describes himself as a "fan from the first hour" when it comes to tech and IT bootcamps. For 4 years, he has been bringing companies together with exciting talents in Munich and thus knows the Munich IT job market very well.From 2018 on, with the start of the first tech and IT bootcamps in Germany, he is pushing the topic of "lateral entry in IT" and thus offers the best conditions to advise and support our partner companies in the talent hunt.At the same time, however, our talents also benefit from his experience and know-how, because he knows the requirements of the IT and HR departments and gives valuable tips about the application process.



Of course, no two days are the same with us, but the aim is always to absorb new knowledge efficiently and apply it directly in as practical a manner as possible. Special workshops and the simulation of different working conditions provide even more variety.

Getting ready

Review of previous day and clarify questions.

Learn new things

We get into a new topic and show you the theory behind it in depth.

Time to build

Implement yourself what you just learned and combine it with things you already know how to do.


Take a breath, clear your head.


Work on daily tasks and weekly projects. Individually, in pairs or in groups.


Group sharing of ideas, insights, and questions about ongoing projects.


One-on-one meetings to promote personal development.

Homework & Groupwork

Completion of the daily task, joint project work, independent development of topics.

About the contents of the Cloud Developer course

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Further training as a Cloud Developer in Munich

Further training as a Cloud Developer in Munich


The omnipresent shortage of skilled workers has led to more and more employees continuing their education in order to advance their own careers. In this respect, the IT sector currently offers by far the best opportunities. But what opportunities are offered here specifically by further training to become a Cloud Developer and for whom is participation in a corresponding IT boot camp suitable in this context?

What job opportunities are opened up by further training in the field of cloud?

For some time now, many industries have been struggling with an increasing shortage of IT specialists as a result of the digital transformation. Many small and medium-sized companies in particular are often unable to fill all vacancies because the necessary experts are simply not available. Accordingly, further training in the IT sector in Munich and the surrounding area basically offers the best opportunities on the job market. As a Cloud Developer, you are one of the specialists who are most in demand in many areas, because the cloud is now ubiquitous. Companies that do not go into the cloud often have problems to survive in the market, because they can react to changes in the infrastructure only very slowly and with high costs. In the current job market, our Cloud Developer training offers an ideal starting position, because the demand for corresponding specialists is enormous and continuously increasing. This often also has a positive effect on salary opportunities.

What opportunities do our IT bootcamps for Cloud Developer in Munich in particular offer?

Anyone who has decided to train as a Cloud Developer can take advantage of special IT boot camps as a further training option in addition to the classic distance learning and further training courses. Here, participants are taught the most important basics of the cloud in just three months and can then work in companies as Cloud Developer. To achieve this goal, full-day and compact teaching units take place in Munich, led by experienced and professional instructors. The participants are also motivated and all want to learn programming within the framework of such intensive courses. Participation in our Cloud Developer is therefore ideal for anyone who wants to successfully complete a Cloud Developer training course in Munich in just 12 weeks in order to sustainably improve their own career and salary opportunities.

What content and qualifications are taught at our cloud bootcamps?

In just three months, our bootcamps teach participants all the key cloud skills. Graduates dive deep into the AWS Cloud and learn how to build a highly available and fault-tolerant cloud infrastructure. Furthermore, our graduates are taught about security in the cloud to avoid becoming victims of hackers later on. After successful completion, the participants can work as Cloud Developer for the most renowned and largest companies.

For whom are our cloud courses in Munich interesting?

Whether you are a woman or a man, a career changer, a university dropout or a former regular soldier - further training to become a Cloud Developer in Munich is suitable for every conceivable target group. Basically, a high level of motivation and willingness to perform is the only thing that our participants should bring with them in order to successfully complete further training as a Cloud Developer in Munich, often within just three months. Of course, the offers are not limited to any particular catchment areas.

Have we piqued your interest? Then get in touch with us today and find out more about our Cloud Developer training in Munich. We look forward to your inquiry!

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