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Your digital career as a Data Analyst

Are you a passionate problem solver and want to drive better decision making in organisations? Are you looking to gain the skills needed to excel in the exciting world of analytics? This course will teach you to connect to diverse data sets, perform in depth analysis and communicate effectively with stakeholders.

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From Head Coach Andrew and his team, you'll learn everything you need to make a practical impact as a Data Analyst on the teams of cutting-edge digital companies. We work in Python and use the most popular tools, methods and frameworks.

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Data Analyst

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Our Training

Becoming a Data Analyst

Why are Data Analysts so in demand?

Companies are leveraging data from an ever increasing variety of sources and business areas. Every department is now expected to be ‘data-driven’ leading to a dramatic demand for data literate problem solvers. If you can bridge the gap between business stakeholders and technical solutions, you are a sought after human resource

Current Job market

The volume of data available to businesses increases exponentially, and with it the job opportunities for people with the skills to organise, analyse and communicate the value of this data.

Data analysis is the basis for a growing number of roles that help businesses make better decisions. Success in the modern business environment is dependent on gaining insights from the massive amounts of data created in every aspect of running a business. There is a need for analysts in the classic areas of marketing, product and logistics and it is expanding into further areas like human resources and design. Companies seek candidates who can reformulate business problems into solvable analytical challenges, connecting to data and building mathematical models to deliver insights that allow companies to be more data-driven.

Salary Expectations

The starting salary as a data analyst is around 37K-40K euros per year, depending on professional experience, the salary range can of course vary. Data analysts work in a diverse range of industries and departments, therefore the development and promotion opportunities are very good. Salaries for proven performers will accelerate faster than other professionals. Sounds like something for you? Register with us so we can get to know each other without obligation

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That's what you learn with us. In 12 weeks.

Programming in Python

By learning a powerful statistical programming language, you will be able to perform advanced analyses and create predictive models with the most popular and fastest growing programming language in the world. Being able to take advantage of ever growing libraries of analytical and predictive tools will set you up to solve complex problems and build practical tools

Real-life cases as inspiration

Through consistent and immersive hands on problem solving, you will be exposed to interesting cases that require putting theory into practice. Guest speakers will introduce you to new perspectives and give first hand insights into how data analysts make an impact in diverse workplaces.


You will get extensive hands on experience in SQL and you will discover flexible and efficient working environments that make it possible to process and evaluate big data. By setting a solid foundation of accessing databases with SQL, you’ll be prepared for working in the best companies in Germany.

Data Visualisation

Being a data analyst means being able to transform complex data in easy to understand charts and visualisations. Learn how to build dashboards that quickly provide the user with insights and answers to their questions. We get hands on experience with the major players in the business intelligence and data visualisation space. This will set you up to walk into any business and be up and running from day one.

Advanced Data Analytics / Machine Learning

The greatest impact on business can be achieved with advanced data analytics . Clustering models, predictions and forecasting use complex algorithms and require precise preparation in order to correctly support business decisions. We introduce the concepts and work through how to implement efficient and powerful techniques to unlock the future of analytics.

Communication and Presentation

The role of the data analyst is to help organisations make decisions and in order to do that the analyst must be able to engage with stakeholders in many settings, anywhere from 1 on 1 requirements gathering to presentations in front of executives. At the end of the day, the value you create comes down to what you can communicate to your stakeholders therefore we teach you to make engaging presentations and confidently speak in public.

Capstone Project

In your final project, you will hone your skills on your own case based on a real data set. You are now able to work through new topics confidently and independently, creating a substantial piece of work that will help you demonstrate your abilities. Of course we will accompany and advise you throughout the process so that you can turn your concepts into reality. Our capstone projects will be presented directly to our industry contacts who are on the lookout for new talent

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Sample Day

Of course, no two days are the same with us, but the aim is always to absorb new knowledge efficiently and apply it directly in as practical a manner as possible. Special workshops and the simulation of different working conditions provide even more variety.

Getting ready

Collaborative review of previous day’s material.

Feedback and Questions

Opportunity to ask any open questions

New Adventures

New concepts are presented and real world applications are discussed. Topics are taught in holistic way, mixing theory, hands-on exercises and guest lectures from industry practitioners.


Chill out and Relax

Exercises & Projects

Get the hands dirty with short exercises and weekly projects. Focus is on groupwork with delegation to individual contributers

Daily Stand-Up

We practice agile work methods and keep the feedback circles small so you will never be left floating or lost.

1-on-1s / Groupwork

One-on-one meetings to promote personal development. / Joint project work, independent development of topics.


Head Coach Data Analytics

Andrew Emmett

Andrew brings over 15 years of industry experience to neuefische. In that time, he has worked with companies large and small, including international brands such as Maersk and Suntory. And most recently Head of Analytics at fast-growing mobility startup Free Now. In his career, he has always been at the intersection of analytics and management, acting as a link between business decision making and data technology. " In every crisis there is also an opportunity" is his motto - and he lives it himself. During the Global Financial Crisis, Andrew took the opportunity to complete his Master's degree in Supply Chain Management at the University of Sydney. In 2020, he used the time during the Corona Lockdown to attend a Data Science Bootcamp at neuefische. He liked the bootcamp model and team so much that he decided to develop a course based on his own expertise in data analytics and data-driven business decisions. In addition to his work, Andrew is raising two daughters who he hopes will be as excited about graphs as he is. We're very excited to be able to combine his expertise into a new product - and prepare more people for high-demand positions in business / data analytics.


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