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Your digital career as a Data Scientist

You are a scientist, engineer or have a degree in economics? Do you love statistics and the world of numbers? Learn everything you need to bring practical value as a Data Scientist on the teams of cutting-edge digital companies. We work in Python and use common methods and frameworks. In addition to the necessary tools, we will also show you the best practices in communication and visualization that are required in the top companies.

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From Head Coach Tereza and her team, you'll learn everything you need to make a practical impact as a Data Scientist on the teams of cutting-edge digital companies. We work in Python and use the most popular tools, methods and frameworks.

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Remote participation possible


From Head Coach Simon and his team, you'll learn everything you need to make a practical impact as a Data Scientist on the teams of cutting-edge digital companies. We work in Python and use the most common tools, methods and frameworks.

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Data Science

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Our Training

Becoming a Data Scientist

Why are Data Scientists in such high demand?

The amount of available data is growing exponentially, and so are the job descriptions. There has probably never been a better time to start a career as a Data Scientist. The demand from industry is immense, with more and more companies transforming their business models into the digital world. If you can write top-notch code, but also learn to solve practical problems, you'll be a man or woman in demand.

Current job market

The career prospects are excellent. A business review by Harvard University even named the "Data Scientist" the "most attractive profession of the 21st century", as Data Scientists are sought in almost every industry. This includes, for example, companies from a wide variety of fields of activity, universities, research institutions, but also start-ups. After all, data accumulates everywhere and must be processed to increase sales or reduce costs. Whether retail, logistics, energy or insurance companies - all industries are increasingly relying on the analysis and evaluation of their data. So with further training to become a Data Scientist, you are ideally prepared! Over 10,000 open IT positions for data scientists were recently reported - more than ever before. Germany's companies are desperately looking for well-trained specialists. However, a university degree or a correspondence course in computer science or business informatics is no longer the only ticket to a digital future: HR managers of large corporations, as well as small start-ups, are also looking for team-oriented, motivated and adaptive practitioners who can hit the ground running in a team without much training. An excellent opportunity to succeed as a scientist, computer scientist, mathematician or even as a graduate of economics, if a practice-oriented training to become a Data Scientist is completed. After all, there is no single path to a job, whether through training or a degree program.

Salary opportunities
The starting salary as a Data Scientist is around 55,000 euros per year; depending on the company and professional experience, the salary range can of course vary. There are then almost no upper limits. Not only is the Data Scientist salary comparatively attractive and above the entry level of other professions, but the chances of a job offer are also very good, as specialists in this field are scarce and increasingly sought after. Too good to be true? You can make it.

Learn more and become a Data-Scientist


That's what you learn with us; In 12 weeks

Programming in Python

Extracting, processing and analyzing data from various data sources as efficiently as possible is one of the most important tasks of a Data Scientist. Our focus is on programming in Python. After an introduction to this new programming language, all participants are on the same level and can start with the daily application of Python in the context of Data Science.

Real-life Cases as Inspiration

Week after week, you will work on solutions to a wide variety of problems that show you which specific issues can be solved using Data Science. This gives you a good feeling right from the start for what practically relevant Data Science means and what you will be able to do at the end of the Data Scientist training. At the same time, these case studies serve as a source of inspiration for the rest of the course.

Modern Data-infrastructure

You will learn about flexible and high-performance working environments that enable you to process and evaluate exponentially increasing amounts of data. At the end of this module, you will also be familiar with SQL and AWS - so you will be ideally equipped to work in the best companies in Germany.

Advanced Data Analytics / Machine Learning

The greatest business impact can be achieved with advanced data analytics. Scoring models, predictions, image and text analysis use complex algorithms and require precise preparation to support business decisions correctly. We explain even the most difficult issues and familiarize you with the most efficient and powerful techniques such as supervised and unsupervised algorithms. At the end of the bootcamp you will lay the foundation for neural networks.

Communication and Visualization

Being a Data Scientist also means being able to communicate and visualize well, ask the right questions and work in a solution-oriented way. Learn to generate standardized presentations and reports and use the most popular data visualization tools to present your findings to your core customers and stakeholders from different departments. After all, the best analysis is worth nothing if it is not understood.

Digital Journeyman piece

In your final project you will test your skills on your own case based on an anonymized real dataset. By now you are confident enough to work on new topics independently. But of course we will also accompany and advise you on site and help you to gain confidence for your future job. Your "digital journeyman's piece" is also your ticket to a new career in contact with future employers. Or do you work as a freelance consultant? Why not!

Learn more

Your daily routine - a sample day

Of course, no two days are the same with us, but the aim is always to absorb new knowledge efficiently and apply it directly in as practical a manner as possible. Special workshops and the simulation of different working conditions provide even more variety.

Getting ready

Review and clarify questions.

Rapid Assessment Test (RAT)

Review of learned and applicable knowledge

New Adventures

Learning about and discussing new topics. Explaining the why-what-how of new concepts. Why = Real world application of the concepts / topics. What = Explanation of concepts How = Hands-On Excercises. Deepen individually, in pairs or in groups.


Take a breath, clear your head.

Exercises & Projects

Work on daily tasks and weekly projects. Individually, in pairs or in groups.

Collaborative Problem Solving

Group sharing of ideas, insights, and questions about ongoing projects.

1-on-1s / Groupwork

One-on-one meetings to promote personal development. / Joint project work, independent development of topics.

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