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Your digital future as a Java developer

You have already gained some experience in programming? Or even completed training as an application developer, but learned on outdated technologies? You want to get into one of the most sought-after programming languages and open up a new future as a Java developer? Whether in eCommerce companies, in the insurance or consulting industry: nothing stands in the way of your entry after our further training as a Java developer.

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With our Java program, you get right into object-oriented programming and build your own app. You focus on the processes in the backend and learn everything about databases, authentication, security and much more. With React and Co. you give your app a frontend and join top companies as a full stack developer or Java developer.

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Remote participation possible


With our Java program, you get right into object-oriented programming and build your own app. You focus on the processes in the backend and learn everything about databases, authentication, security and much more. With React and Co. you give your app a frontend and join top companies as a full stack developer or Java developer.

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Our Training

Become a Java Developer

Why are Java developers in such high demand?

Java is one of the most popular programming languages and high in demand with many industries. It belongs to the software company Oracle. Java programs are mainly used in large companies due to their flexible use. Java applications can be used on all common PC operating systems, as well as on smartphones and tablets.

Current job market

Germany's companies are desperately looking for well-trained specialists. The profession of software developer has even become a shortage occupation. Large companies in particular are increasingly digitizing themselves, relying on the Java programming language developed by Oracle. A university degree or a correspondence course in computer science or business informatics is no longer the only ticket: HR managers at large corporations and small start-ups are also looking for team players who are motivated and able to learn, and who can get started in a team without a lot of training. Because in the end, it's the ability to implement that counts - and modern ways of working and using Github are also required. An affinity for technology, structured work and logical thinking are the basic requirements to get started as a business or natural scientist, but also as a graduate of a commercial or technical training after our further training as a Java developer.

Salary opportunities

The starting salary as a Java developer is approximately 45,000 euros per year; depending on professional experience, the salary range can of course vary. Since Java developers also like to be in large companies, the development and promotion opportunities are usually very good and the salary is correspondingly attractive and above the entry level of other professions. Does this sound like something for you? Register with us for a no-obligation get-to-know-you session.

Learn more and become a Java-developer


This is what you'll learn with us; In 12 weeks

Backend / Apis

We provide you with a sound knowledge of programming. You start with Java and dive into object-oriented programming (OOP). You learn to write clean, structured, understandable, tested and extensible Java code.  You learn to use other Apis and to provide your own.

Websites / Apps

To make your api accessible to users, the basics of front-end development are important. To do this, you'll learn how HTML, CSS and JavaScript interact in the browser and familiarize yourself with the basics of implementing modern websites in a mobile-first approach.

Frameworks & Libraries

We are guided by tools and technologies from the most successful digital companies in Germany. That's why we use Git for source code management, Spring Boot in the backend and React in the frontend for powerful, structured applications.


Data must also be stored in the backend, of course. After this block, you can connect databases using Spring Data (for example, with MongoDB). Thereby you dive into the efficient management of data.

Hosting & DevOps

Of course, applications must also be executed in order to use them on the web. Therefore you will learn how to deploy and host an application. You will get into the world of Docker and learn how to monitor your application to make sure it runs smoothly - very important!

Working methods of the future

Good communication and solution-oriented thinking are important key skills for every programmer. That's why we make it a point to teach you how to ask your questions correctly - so that you can also use freely available resources to answer your questions in your working life. Because even the best developer always has questions. Agile methods such as Scrum, Kanban and Pair Programming as well as modern workflows, which you will learn from experts in their field and apply during the course, round off your profile at the end of the software developer training.

»Digital journeyman

In your 4-week final project you will finally realize your own application. You will focus on the backend. Which apis and services of the web you use to make your application interesting for users is up to you. In the meantime you will know all important sources to be able to work on new topics independently. In daily standups you will report your progress and problems to the group. In this way you will find a solution as independently as possible. Of course, we will also accompany and advise you on site. And we prepare you for the next steps in your future job. Career coaching is included in our program - because connecting with your job is our top priority. By the way, your "digital journeyman's piece" is the best way to convince future employers of your new skills. You think your application is so good that you want to found your own start-up? Why not! With us, you decide what you want to become!

Learn more

Your daily routine - a sample day

Of course, in our courses no two days are the same, but the aim is always to absorb new knowledge efficiently and apply it directly in as practical a manner as possible. Special workshops and the simulation of different working conditions provide even more variety.

Getting ready

Review of previous day and clarify questions.

New acquaintance

Review of learned and applicable knowledge

Time to build

Implement yourself what you just learned and combine it with things you already know how to do.


Take a breath, clear your head.

Exercises & Projects

Work on daily tasks and weekly projects. Individually, in pairs or in groups.


Group sharing of ideas, insights, and questions about ongoing projects.

1-on-1s / Groupwork

One-on-one meetings to promote personal development. / Joint project work, independent development of topics.

The path
to your digital future.

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