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Web Developmentin Munich

Learn everything you need to work as a developer on teams at the most cutting-edge digital companies.

Next course starts: 08. November 2021

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The Munich-Teamis there for you

neue fische is a team of industry experts with a clear vision and a strong partner network of leading digital companies and startups from all over Germany

Admissions & Student Services

Alessa Füger

Servus, Grias di and Hello! Alessa is our Admissions & Student Services Manager in Munich. The passion to support people in their development has brought Alessa to the field of recruiting. During her several years of professional experience, she has already been able to help many talented people to realize their career and get closer to their dream. No wonder that her path has thus led her to neue fische. Having recruited for an IT bootcamp, among other things, she knows what it takes to successfully master the courses at neue fische and is very passionate about advising interested parties. She conducts the selection process with the applicants for the Munich location and also supports the students with words and deeds during their time at the bootcamp. Among other things, the course participants benefit from her experience when it comes to interview and career coaching.


Head Coach Web Development

Thomas Kirst

Our man for Munich! His drive is to develop digital products that are simple and appealing to the user, while keeping the complexity of high-performance systems to a minimum. Of course, it helps that his experience ranges from supporting large, scalable e-commerce applications to helping build a financial technology startup in Switzerland to being self-employed. In addition to his industry experience in automotive, fashion, media, telecommunications and insurance, he has convinced us with his constant enthusiasm for design and tech topics and his desire to learn new things and pass on this knowledge! In his free time you can find him on trips to the mountains and lakes in beautiful Bavaria and - if time allows - in the studio producing electronic music.


Manager Career Services & Partner Management

André Vennemann

Andre describes himself as a "fan from the first hour" when it comes to tech and IT bootcamps. For 4 years, he has been bringing companies together with exciting talents in Munich and thus knows the Munich IT job market very well.From 2018 on, with the start of the first tech and IT bootcamps in Germany, he is pushing the topic of "lateral entry in IT" and thus offers the best conditions to advise and support our partner companies in the talent hunt.At the same time, however, our talents also benefit from his experience and know-how, because he knows the requirements of the IT and HR departments and gives valuable tips about the application process.



Of course, no two days are the same with us, but the aim is always to absorb new knowledge efficiently and apply it directly in as practical a manner as possible. Special workshops and the simulation of different working conditions provide even more variety.

Getting ready

Review and clarify questions.

New Adventures

Learn about and discuss new topics. Deepen individually, in pairs or in groups.


Take a breath, clear your head.

Exercises & Projects

Complete daily assignment and weekly projects.


Group sharing of ideas, insights, and questions about ongoing projects.


One-on-one meetings to promote personal development.

Homework & Groupwork

Completion of the daily task, joint project work, independent development of topics.

About the contents of the Web Development course

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We only take approx. 15 participants per course.
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Nov 08, 21 Feb 07, 22



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Nov 29, 21 Feb 25, 22



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Further education as a web developer in Munich

Further education as a web developer in Munich

Finally learn programming on site in Munich without a big time investment? With further training as a web developer in our IT bootcamp, this is actually possible without any problems in just a few weeks. But can further training in web development really be a career booster? What qualifications are taught in the IT bootcamps and for which target groups are our intensive training courses particularly interesting?

Is continuing education in web development really a career booster?

The IT industry covers an incredibly wide range of tasks and, especially in recent years, the need for IT specialists continues to grow. Due to smartphones, tablets, notebooks and new technologies such as cloud-based work, there has long been an omnipresent shortage of skilled workers in this industry, so many companies are desperately looking for suitable employees. Companies are also prepared to offer above-average salaries in order to finally be able to meet the demand in their own companies. The chances of finding a well-paid job in the IT sector are therefore better than ever before. If you take a look at various programming courses and consider further training as a web developer in Munich, you will have the best chances of landing a well-paid, long-term job in the IT sector after completing training with us.

What opportunities do our IT bootcamps for web developers in Munich offer?

Most training courses in Munich and the surrounding area are offers that take several months, if not years, to complete. A web developer training in Munich, which is conducted in our professional intensive bootcamp, usually lasts only 12 weeks, so that the participants already have a high-quality degree in their hands after a short time. The bootcamps are full-time training courses where participants are taught by professional and motivated instructors from the field, so that modern know-how is always imparted. By participating in our training courses, graduates often succeed in gaining a new professional foothold in just a few weeks.

Which professional qualifications are taught in our further training courses for web developers?

Learn programming in just 3 months? What seems to be impossible for many interested people, is absolutely possible by participating in an IT bootcamp of "neuefische". Whether it is the use of content management systems or directly the programming of websites with HTML, JavaScript and PHP - whoever decides to participate in our IT bootcamps will receive profound professional qualifications that will open completely new doors professionally. Graduates learn how websites work and how to program software and apps. The highlight: After participating in our intensive course, a direct entry into an IT-oriented profession is possible without any problems.

For whom are our courses in Munich interesting?

A further training course to become a web developer in Munich is suitable for numerous target groups. Among others, such an intensive course is suitable for women who, for example, are looking for a new field of activity after a longer professional break. In addition, university dropouts or temporary soldiers who have completed their period of service also have the best chances of starting a completely new career through further training as a web developer in Munich. Last but not least, our intensive courses are of course also suitable for career changers, because prior knowledge is not necessary for a successful completion of our courses. Whether directly from Munich or Augsburg, Freising, Rosenheim, Landshut, Ingolstadt, Rosenheim, Starnberg or Landsberg am Lech - interested parties from the entire Munich catchment area can take advantage of further training as a web developer.

Have we piqued your interest? Then get in touch with us today and find out more about our further training as a web developer in Munich. We are looking forward to your inquiry! 

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