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Young people often find it difficult to decide on a suitable training program after leaving school. Social pressure often leads to a hasty decision to take up a course of study that does not actually match their interests or meet their expectations. For example, the study of computer science at many universities is still very theoretical and not very 'hands-on'. The resulting dissatisfaction often leads to dropping out. Failed? No way: we believe in the potential of dropouts! Use our bootcamp as a focused training and show everyone what you've got, instead of what you don't!

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Why is retraining or continuing education a promising option for dropouts?

Anyone who discovers in the course of their studies that the content does not really correspond to their own interests should think about dropping out at an early stage. Although dropping out of a course of study is generally not one of the best experiences and career levers, on the other hand it is also no reason to despair. In principle, those affected should see the abandonment of their studies as a new opportunity with the help of which their own path in life can be completely redesigned. Continuing education and retraining in the digital field are particularly attractive options for reorientation. For example, further training as a data scientist or web developer is currently in line with the times, as professions of this kind are in particularly high demand due to general digitization.

Current job market

If you take a look at the current labor market, you will quickly see that there is a desperate need for skilled personnel, especially in the digital sector. The industry association BITKOM has identified more than 51,000 vacancies for IT specialists in Germany alone. There is currently an acute shortage of qualified personnel, particularly in the areas of data science and web development. Since digitization is advancing inexorably in all areas of business, the need here is expected to increase even further in the future. For this reason, these professions are not only an ideal opportunity for people with an affinity for technology and computers - the digital transformation also offers excellent career prospects for career changers such as temporary soldiers.

What makes the further training offered by "neuefische" so attractive?

The retraining and continuing education programs offered by neuefische provide an excellent basis for a successful career. The offer is not only modern and practice-oriented, but also characterized by a particularly short training period. The teaching of the contents is extremely efficient, which enables a successful retraining within only three months. Whether learning programming or further training as a web developer in distance learning: the extensive range of education offered by neuefische can be used for a whole range of qualifications. Another advantage is the fact that neuefische's continuing education and retraining courses can be completed comparatively inexpensively, which reduces the financial burden to a minimum.

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