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"We don't trust people in Germany enough" - Dalia Das at Handelsblatt Disrupt

22nd March 2020

Dalia Das in a podcast interview with Sebastian Matthes for Handelsblatt Disrupt

A guest at Sebastian Matthes 

by Dalia Das, founder and CEO of neue fische.

Hamburg, 22.03.2020 - Guest at Sebastian Matthes in his podcast "Handelsblatt Disrupt".

I explain why our bootcamps work and what's wrong with the German education system. This is followed by a conversation with Nils Zündorf, Managing Director of the Amazon agency Factor-A, about voice assistants and the question of how they will change the way we use computers and, above all, online shopping.
And at the end, Handelsblatt correspondent Alexander Demling explains how the Corona crisis is changing Silicon Valley. "The previous week, Facebook's campus in Menlo Park was still totally popular. Two days later, it was completely deserted," he says.

Be sure to listen in!

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