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We see ourselves less as a company than as a team of people who help others to grow beyond themselves. Honesty and transparency are just as important to us as an open and welcoming corporate culture. We look forward to getting to know you: Hi! 👋

Experience on all levels

Dalia Das


For more than 15 years, the Hamburg native with Indian roots worked in business development for companies such as AOL Europe and the Bertelsmann Group. In the process, she repeatedly discovered that the implementation of the digital transformation depends massively on the availability of qualified employees. In recent years, she accompanied a U.S. education fund with a focus on investments in innovative education and workforce acquisition models. There, she came to appreciate the established Technology Bootcamps that successfully train career changers to become in-demand developers and Data Scientists. These bootcamps not only create more digital workers, but also more diversity in digital jobs. Without further ado, she founded in Germany; the birth of neuefische - School and Pool for Digital Talent. "Don't complain, just do it," is her motto.

#munich #hamburg

Jerry Erbs

Department Head Web Development + Java Development + AWS Cloud Computing

Concentrated experience from over 15 years of development: In permanent positions and as a freelancer, Jerry has already worked for renowned companies such as JvM Next, SinnerSchrader, Libri and XING. As a coach, participants and employers alike appreciate him because he always intersperses playful elements for a sense of achievement without losing sight of modern technologies and clean code. 


Jerry Erbs, Head of the Web Development department

Dr. Tereza Iofciu

Department Head Data Science + Machine Learning Engineering

We are happy to have her on board: Tereza received her PhD in Information Retrieval at the L3S Research Institute in Hannover in 2012 and worked as a Lead Data Scientist and Data Engineer at FREE NOW, mytaxi and XING, among others, before joining us. Besides her group "PyLadies" she is an ambassador for Women in AI in HH and in demand as a speaker at AI conferences worldwide. Fun fact: In her spare time she paints dinosaurs.

neue fische data science head coach Dr. Tereza Iofciu

Andrew Emmet

Department Head Data Analytics

International brands such as Maersk and Suntory have already relied on his data expertise, and most recently he was Head of Analytics at the fast-growing mobility startup Free Now. "In every crisis there is also an opportunity" is his motto - and he lives it himself. During the Global Financial Crisis, for example, Andrew took the opportunity to complete his Master's degree in Supply Chain Management at the University of Sydney. Now, fortunately, we have caught him and are quite proud of it too!

neue fische head coach andrew emmet

Daniel Schwarz

Lead Coach Java Development

At the age of 13, Daniel began establishing programming classes at his school. That was 25 years ago and during this time he helped develop SonarCloud, developed software for stock exchange trading and digitized Munich's emergency control center for local public transport. As a professional and work educator, he helped shape the knowledge development of trainees and junior to senior developers in numerous training courses, lectures and coaching. After his steep career as a Java enthusiast, IT supervisor, lead developer and team coach, he now leads Java boot camps to share passion, knowledge and experience with interested parties.

Daniel Schwarz java head coach neue fische

Nico Steffen

Lead Coach Data Part-Time

Don't Panic! From Machines to Machine-learning – Nico is a travel companion to the data-driven world.

Nico Steffen coach

Eike Rogall

Lead Coach Data Science + Machine Learning Engineering

Studied Biology at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, received a Marie Curie fellowship for a 6-month stay in China and worked for 4 years at KIT as a researcher, where he learned to love working with lots of data while analyzing high-throughput sequencing data. In 2020, he switched to Data Science and has been working for neuefische ever since.

Katharina Döpke

Head Coach IT Project Management

Katharina brings over 15 years of permanent and freelance experience from the IT world and now teaches others what she has been doing there at the highest level: agile IT project management. She loves working hand-in-hand with teams of developers and international environments. So it's no wonder that she has already ensured order, efficiency and fun in complex web projects at tech players like XING and Google. Most recently, she helped build the IT agency Factorial. Now she is – fortunately – part of the neue fische coaching team.

Florian Weber

Lead Coach Java Development

Florian has been gathering insights into software development since 2011 and has already created many of his own projects. During his computer science studies, he was already in charge of the website of the Fraunhofer Institute and completed our Java Bootcamp himself in 2021. It all went so well that he joined us as a coach in the same year and has been inspiring new fish with his affinity for algorithmic thinking ever since.

Dominic Destrait

Lead Coach Java Development

Dominic's passion for software began in his youth. With his solution-oriented way of thinking and his practical skills, he has already successfully trained many boot camps and always has an open ear for the students!

Noa Tamir

Lead Coach Data Science

Noa’s love for research brought her to the field of data science from her academic background in physics, business, and economics. Their love of creating inclusive learning experiences and supporting folks in their careers made working at neuefische truly joyous. Noa is a pandas maintainer, NumFOCUS board member, and PyLadies and PyData organizer. They co-created the Contributor Experience Community & Handbook, and the useR knowledgebase. They've previously worked with a variety of companies, such as King, Babbel, Auto 1, Plantix, and Quansight Labs.

Evgeny Savin

Lead Coach Data Science + Machine Learning Engineering

Evgeny's history in data science actually began when he was studying economics for his master's degree. He is largely self-taught and has worked as a data scientist at Paypal, Here and Smava. There he developed, implemented and maintained machine learning for various use cases. When the opportunity arose to help others at neue fische to enter the field of his passion, the decision was easy for him. Ever since, Evgeny has enjoyed coaching students and helping them tackle real-world data science challenges.

Ernst Stolz

Lead Coach Web Development

Unusual name? Yes, but that's not all! With a German-Russian migration background, Ernst is aware of the challenges that come with moving to an unfamiliar environment. His passion is to teach career changers to switch to web development. He not only speaks German and English, but also JavaScript in the browser and on the server. As a freelancer and full-stack developer, he has many years of experience in the field of web development and, by the way, is not as unfunny as his name suggests.

Dominic Singaraj

Lead Coach AWS Cloud Computing

As a true AWS Cloud fanatic, Dominic has already managed and implemented various projects of his own over the last 20 years and has continuously developed himself in the field. Born in India, Dominic has an impressive and diverse academic background, having studied mathematics in Madras, India, and AI and data science in the US, where he worked for many years. Dominic has been teaching since his university days and as a coach at neue fische he would like to inspire interested IT newbies with the topic of his heart, AWS Cloud Computing.

Maike Kunsmann

Lead Coach UX/UI Design

With more than 15 years in UX/UI design, our coach Maike brings a lot of (management) experience in the areas of design thinking, UX and product strategy. Before neue fische, she was employed in the UX design team at XING for five years (most recently as team lead), but has also worked for many large customers such as Allianz, Beiersdorf and Hapag Lloyd.

Elvedin Turkovic

Lead Coach Java Development

International experience in a wide variety of companies and industries? Our esteemed colleague Elvedin brings quite a bit of that with him. To be precise: 14 years of professional experience, 10 of which as a software consultant in several start-ups from San Francisco and Austin. In Germany, he then gained three years of experience in the automotive and medical industries. And now he is finally with us! With his high standards for clean code and use of cutting-edge technologies, we can always rely on his expertise as Head of Java and AWS - thanks for being part of our team! By the way: In his spare time, Elvedin is a real extreme sportsman and enjoys skydiving, motorcycling and snowboarding.

Peter Anderson

Lead Coach Web Development

Hailing from Scotland and a globetrotter by nature, Peter is a web development enthusiast with an unconventional journey. His foray into the realm of web development commenced with the deployment of his first website in 2006 (still running to this day). As the years went by he transitioned into an adept full-stack developer. In 2018, he cemented his expertise through an intensive bootcamp. Yet, Peter's quest for knowledge did not conclude there; he transitioned into an instructor role, dedicating more than four years to mentor and guide budding web developers on their personal odysseys in the field whilst also working as a Frontend Developer in a startup.

Marcell Dechant

Lead Coach Java Development

Our Java coach Marcell has been interested in coding since he was a child. He gained his first experience at the age of 14, then went on to complete his A-levels via the second educational path in order to study computer science. That's what we call dedication! During this time, he also started working with his own corporate clients, for whom he looked after websites, maintained servers and worked on his own projects. Now he is happy to be a part of neue fische, where he can live out his passion for programming and help other people to find the right entry into IT themselves.

neue fische web development Alumni - Josefine Schaederneue fische Web Development Alumni Sophia Müller

We promote DiversITy: Let's work together, let's code the future! 🌈


Do you still have questions? Our admissions team will answer them! No matter whether you still need guidance when choosing your future bootcamp or a competent contact person in the application process for your lateral entry- they are there for you! Get to know the great people behind it:

Marie Zahnen


Prior to neuefische, Marie did an office management apprenticeship in a management consultancy and joined their HR team afterwards. She drove the entire Data Science recruitment process and all HR management topics. Marie started with neuefische in March 2023 and she is based in Cologne. Fun Fact: Marie likes to collect rare, tropical plants.

Maria Wahlers


Maria had a 360° change in careers as she studied and worked as a physical therapist before. She still loves being able to help people, now the focus is on their career choices in tech.

Sebastian Egger


Originally from deep Bavaria, Sebastian moved to Hamburg to get started in the cinema business while completing his master's degree in public and non-profit studies! After starting as a working student at neue fische, he started working in the admissions team after graduating and looks forward to finding the perfect bootcamp with new faces every day! Fun fact: Sebastian has a punk band in Augsburg that he likes to perform after a few beers!

Carolin Gröne


Before neue fische Carolin finished her studies in pedagogy and worked as a professional dancer and dance teacher for a long time. Fun Fact: Carolin once had an acting role in the German TV series Köln 50667.

Melina Pelzer


Originally from Lake Constance, Melanie moved for her Master M.Sc. Sociology & Social Research to Cologne. The professional path led from research to a store manager position in a café, to a sales manager position in an ice cream start-up, to freelance work for Teddy Teclebrhan and ultimately to the admissions team at neue fische. Anything but linear, but all jobs had in common that she enjoys working with people.

Katrin von der Weppen


In Münster Katrin studied chemistry, history and german and became a teacher in Berlin and Cape Town at the german school. Since September 2022, we are happy to have her on board as a part of the admissions team at neue fische.

Amelie Rüther


After Amelie finished her masters degree in sustainable destination management all over Europe, she started working as a (HR-) manager at the CinemaxX Hamburg Dammtor. After several years within the event industry, she decided that it is time for a change and a dive into a more sustainable industry. Amelie started working at neue fische December 2021 and is based in Hamburg. Fun Fact: She won a Harry Potter crossword puzzle without ever reading one of the books.

Student & Candidate Success

A bootcamp like this can be pretty intense... How good would it be to have someone at your side who you can confide in with your worries? Or maybe there are organizational questions, feedback, etc.? No problem: Our Student & Candidate Success team is here to help and advise you! By the way: Our colleagues also know what you're looking for and will be happy to support you when you start your job!

Franz Wilhelmy

Student Service

Before Franz joined neue fische he was working as a Coach and in the HR department in different companies. He has a bachelor’s degree in business psychology and a qualification as office clerk. Funfact: Franz loves fantasy novels. Especially The Witcher and The Lord of the Rings.

Shari Holte

Candidate Success

I'm a native of Düsseldorf, but my heart is set on Kölle!" Thanks to sentences like this, we took Shari to our hearts when she started at neue fische in 2020, first as a working student and later as a permanent employee. Since then, she and her team have helped countless people make a successful start in IT. That's exactly what makes her happy and motivates her in her job. Thank you, Shari - we are just as happy to have you on board!

Shari Holte - Student Services & Admission

Anne Buss

Candidate Success

Anne's heart beats for Cologne and for education! She is fascinated by people's career choices and life decisions - so what could be more natural than to start at neue fische? Here, she oversees the information and selection process for applicants and students in Cologne and is there to lend an open ear during all phases of the bootcamp. It is particularly important to her that the bootcamp is the right path for applicants - that's why she likes to ask questions about motivation.

Anne Buss Admissions & Student Services
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