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Our Web Development courses offer comprehensive training for aspiring developers. With our Web Development Bootcamp you will gain the skills and knowledge to become a Full Stack Developer. Our Web Development training is practice-oriented and prepares you optimally for the requirements of the job market. Discover our Full Stack Developer courses and start your career in Web Development today!

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Unlock the Gateway to Innovation with Frontend Development!

Embark on a dynamic journey into the world of Frontend Development – the cornerstone of user-centric digital experiences. As a Frontend Developer, you wield the tools to shape visually captivating and seamlessly interactive websites. Explore the lucrative realm of Frontend Developer jobs, where your skills are not only in demand but generously rewarded.

Curious about Frontend Developer salaries? Navigate the landscape of competitive salaries, discovering the earning potential that comes with mastering the art of web development. Dive into our carefully crafted Frontend Development courses, designed to elevate your skills and open doors to a multitude of opportunities.

Experience the flexibility of remote learning with our online Frontend Development courses. Whether you're a beginner or seeking to advance your skills, our courses cover the spectrum, from foundational concepts to advanced techniques. Join the community of forward-thinkers shaping the digital landscape.

Ready to craft compelling user interfaces? Enroll in our Frontend Development courses and pave the way for a successful career. Unleash your potential, from learning the basics to mastering remote Frontend Development – the future of digital innovation awaits!

Something we are proud of: 91% of our alumni get a job after completing successfully the bootcamp.

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FAQs with regards to Web Development

Do you still have unanswered questions about web development? Then you are exactly right here. Our Web Development FAQs provide clear and concise answers to the most common questions. Whether you are interested in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, frameworks or other aspects of web development, our FAQs cover a variety of topics.

As a Web Developer you create and maintain websites and apps. You work on programming user interfaces and backend logic to create interactive and user-friendly web applications. This includes developing websites for modern browsers, tablets and smartphones, as well as implementing features and optimizing performance and user experience.

Web Development requires knowledge of the basics of programming, especially HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Understanding libraries like React is also important. In addition, knowledge of the backend area, such as Node.js and MongoDB, is an advantage. Good knowledge of design, accessibility and agile development methods are also useful. In addition to the purely technical aspects, you also need experience with workflows and processes. Today, agile methods are mostly used to develop digital products and a “user-centric” approach is used. Modern websites and apps are developed in teams and in special processes that also have to be learned.

HTML, CSS and JavaScript are mainly used in web development. JavaScript is used for interactivity and dynamic content. HTML is the basis for building websites, while CSS is responsible for styling and layout. In addition, libraries such as React are used, which simplify the development of complex applications.

HTML is a central part of web development. It serves as a basic framework for building and structuring website content. HTML is used intensively to define the elements and content of a website in a semantically correct way.

CSS is an essential tool in web development and is used to create the visual design and layout of websites. It allows developers to control and customize the presentation of HTML elements.

HTML and CSS have different functions: HTML is used to define the structure and content of web pages, while CSS is responsible for the visual design and layout. HTML determines what is displayed on a website, CSS determines what this content looks like.

Java is used less frequently in web development than JavaScript. Java is used more in the backend area, while JavaScript is mainly used for frontend development. In addition to Java, there are other programming languages that are used in the backend. JavaScript is also very popular in the backend – this is known as “Node”. But PHP and Ruby are also widely used programming languages in the backend.

It is recommended to learn HTML first, as it forms the basis for building websites. Then you should learn CSS to design the design and layout of the website. HTML defines the structure while CSS defines the appearance.

Web developers who were trained at neue fische often start with an annual salary of 42.000 to 50.000 Euros. This salary may vary depending on experience, specialization and region.

The difficulty of Web Development depends largely on the individual perspective. Some people may find it challenging at first, while others may find it relatively approachable. The complexity can depend on the technologies used, your learning style and your existing programming experience. Web Development can have a steep learning curve as it involves different languages, frameworks and technologies. Support from experienced teachers, hands-on projects and resources can make the learning process much easier.

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