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Your future, easily financed

Education must be affordable. And for everyone. That's why we offer you three options to finance your coding boot camp with us, guaranteed and easy. Take a look at everything and contact us to find the best way for you!
neue fische bootcamps fundable via Chancen eg

Option #01

Pay later

Payment dependent on starting salary

We invest in you. First, because you deserve it, and second because we firmly believe that our boot camp will get you into a job. 

Together with our financing partner, Chancen eG, you pay only when you can afford it - from the salary you earn in your first job after the boot camp. In doing so, you only pay what you can pay, i.e. a portion of your income, so that it doesn't burden you. So you don't have the risk of not being able to afford it or suffering from repayment obligations. Instead, you learn liberated and start motivated in your new job. 

neue fische boot camps fundable with the education voucher of the agency for work

Option #02

Education voucher

Financed by the employment agency
We are certified as an educational institution since 2018 and are allowed to redeem the so-called education voucher, which you can receive from the employment agency or the job center (they also have contact persons for academics), provided that a need for further education can be proven.

For example, whether you've dropped out of college, are on'Kurzarbeit', are at risk of unemployment, or have lost your job, your time will be well spent if you become more digital. Any questions? We'll be happy to advise you and find out whether an education voucher is an option for you.

neue fische it bootcamp remote coaching

Option #03

Pay now

Price varies between 8.500€ and 9.500€.

With all the opportunities we have created, you can of course pay yourself. After all, an investment in education is always a good thing. 
Whether after high school, after graduation or in between jobs: With us, you learn the coding languages of the future, become part of an exciting community and actively participate in the digitalization that moves almost all industries.

Depending on the boot camp, the tuition fee for immediate payers varies between 8,500€ (Web and Java Development) and 9,500€ (Data Science and Data Analytics). Our Cloud Development Bootcamp can only be financed via education voucher or in the context of a company cooperation.

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Our Student Admissions team is happy to speak with you and answer any unanswered questions.

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