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UX/UI Design Bootcamp

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Jun 26, 2024
Learn and deepen skills, tools and gain practical knowledge to create valuable products for people. We look forward seeing you in the UX/ UI Design Bootcamp!

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Become a UX/UI designer - in the neue fische UX/UI Bootcamp

In Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich or remotely (live online): In our User Experience/Interface Design Bootcamp you will learn from motivated mentors everything you need to know to get started as a User Experience/Interface Designer*. Gain and deepen knowledge in the areas of user research, interface design, design thinking and user-centered design, prototyping, design systems and user testing. Your skills will be rounded off by knowledge in the areas of accessibility, agile working methods and the basics of web development (HTML, CSS). Ready to start? We look forward to seeing you in the UX/UI design online course.

Learn to create hands-on user experiences

Our User Experience/Interface Design Bootcamp offers you 540 hours of top-notch instruction, hands-on assignments, 1:1 feedback sessions, and training such as Scrum and Kanban, time management, or presentation. The best part: Within 3 weeks, you will implement your own digital Capstone Project - the final thesis with which you will draw the attention of our corporate partners to yourself. That's why we prepare you in advance for your upcoming job interviews in Career Coaching and give you tips for your portfolio and on the topic of case studies.

For whom is the bootcamp suitable?

The UX/UI design online course is aimed at both experienced professionals with a design background (e.g. art directors, graphic/communication designers, media designers, etc.), as well as design graduates or career changers with design software knowledge, looking for a new challenge. If you are attending the german course you should still need to have a good understanding of the English language, since a large part of the specialist literature in the field of UX/UI design is only available in English.

We promote DiversITy, regardless of gender, sexual orientations, social and ethnic background, etc., and welcome all who are motivated: Let's create experiences! 🌈


  • Full-Time: 12 Wo. (Mo – Fr, 9am – 6pm)
  • Participants: approx. 15
  • Coaches: 2 per bootcamp
  • Locations: Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich or remote (live online)
  • Course language: German or English
  • Graduation: Certificate "UX / UI"

Our coaches

Maike Kunsmann

Lead Coach UX/UI Design

Tech Stack

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neue fische web development Alumni - Josefine Schaederneue fische Web Development Alumni Sophia Müller

Becoming a UX/UI designer means using empathy and the right skills to create user experiences that inspire.

Starting dates

The next dates: UX/UI Design Bootcamp

By the way: remote bootcamp participants can also use our campus to learn together and exchange ideas. We look forward to seeing you!

26th Jun24th Sep ‘24




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Less than 8 seats free

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This is what you learn in our UX/UI Design Bootcamp

Fundamentals and methodologies of UX/UI design

UX/UI basics
Requirements management
Design thinking

Good to have you here! Get to know us and the other course participants. Together we'll start with the basics and tools from the areas of UX and UI. We'll show you how to use typography, iconography, colors and Gestalt principles in digital websites or apps to visualize your ideas.

Learn the Design Thinking method to solve problems and generate new ideas that convince users and are market-oriented. We will practice how to set up and run exciting workshops on the topic and improve your presentation skills.

Deep dive into UX design

User research
UX storytelling
UX Writing
User Persona
User Flows
User Journey

Building on the first phase, you will now deepen your knowledge in the area of user experience. Learn how to build empathy with your users through user research and user-centered design, better understand their needs and incorporate the findings into your further conceptual work.

You deepen your expertise by creating user personas, flows or journeys. "Content is king" - that's why we look at how you can also pick up your users' content through UX writing and UX storytelling.

Ethical design for and with people

Ethical design

In phase 3 you will learn more complex features in Figma and how to make your designs and concepts responsive and accessible to provide a good user experience for people with disabilities.

We will look at "dark" and "light" patterns in design and learn what responsibility designers have with their work.

Scale and implement designs

Design systems

You have already gained a good, solid knowledge. Now you learn what a design system is and how to create it. In a practical project you will create a component-based system together with the other participants and learn how to make your designs interactive with the help of prototyping.

User testing can be used to measure whether your concept and design meet the needs of the users. You will perform your first own testing and gain insights. Another practical project will help you to deepen the skills you have learned and to build up your personal portfolio and is good preparation for your final project.

Understand programming and agile working methods

Programming basics
Collaboration with developers
Scrum & Kanban

In order to understand how your concepts and designs are implemented, you will get to know technologies such as HTML and CSS in practice in the web development excursion. You will build empathy for the work of developers and learn how to work successfully with them.

At the end of the phase, you will learn about agile methods such as Scrum and Kanban and the workflow of UX/UI designers.

Create your UX/UI design portfolio

Case studies
Time Management
Managing stress
Fields of work

In this phase we will focus on your future career as a UX/UI designer. You will learn how to create a case study and get tips on how to build your portfolio. We will look at how the work in the project, product and consulting environment differs from each other.

Additionally, you will learn different methods to establish a good time management in practice. In your future job it can always be stressful, so you will learn how to keep a cool head in stressful and pressured situations.

Your finale at the graduation event

Digital capstone project

Your final project, which you also prepare as a case study, is the first step towards your personal portfolio. In addition to your CV, this is an important tool on the way to your UX/UI job. And of course you will also receive a certificate that confirms your skills. Now it's your turn: are you ready to create new experiences for users? 🙌🏼

Refer us and get 500€ !

Our partner companies

Our locations

Study at an on-site campus

Need a change of scenery? Use one of our three locations throughout Germany: Hamburg, Frankfurt or Munich.

To the locations

Digital campus

Study on our digital campus.

Location-independent and flexible: Our Remote Bootcamps (live online) offer you everything you get at our locations - except the coffee. Check out all the benefits of our digital campus now.

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Simple and affordable

12 weeks UX/UI Design Bootcamp starting from 8.500 €*
*for self-paying persons

Education must be affordable. Check out all the financing options now.

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The most important info for download

Everything you need to know about our UX/UI training in one pdf: Content, pricing, financing, and all the details about the application process. Check! ✅


Really good questions, helpful answers

You still have questions about the training, the prices, the financing, etc.? Then take a look here or contact us directly.

The bootcamp is aimed at experienced professionals with a design background (art directors, graphic/communication designers, media designers...) or design graduates, as well as career changers with an affinity for design. Not sure if it's for you? Then contact our Admissions Team and let us advise you.

The price of your User Experience/Interface Design education depends on the financing method you choose. Our Student & Admissions Team will be happy to advise you and find the right way for you. Basically, our courses can cost 0 € with appropriate funding and start from 8.500 € to 9.500 € for self-payers, depending on the course.

In our User Experience/Interface Design training you will learn from motivated mentors everything you need to know to get started as a user experience/interface designer. Gain and deepen knowledge in the areas of user research, interface design, design thinking and user centered design, prototyping, design systems and user testing. Your skills will be rounded off by knowledge in the areas of accessibility, agile working methods and the basics of web development (HTML, CSS).

The digital transformation in companies is creating new jobs in which the skills of user experience/interface designers are particularly in demand. They are the drivers of the sought-after user-centered way of working, since they focus on the needs of users and can solve their problems using methods such as design thinking. In close collaboration with web developers, user experience designers create digital products with added value. Our team wants to take you there and accompany you on the way to your dream job.

After successfully completing your training as a user experience designer, you can expect a starting salary of around €36-43,000. Of course, the salary range can vary depending on your professional experience and industry. Sounds good to you? Contact us directly and we can arrange a first, non-binding meeting.

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What are you waiting for?

Our Student Admissions team is happy to talk with you, answer your questions, and advise you. Get in touch with us!

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