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Backend Development

Accelerate your career with Backend Development

Backend Development refers to the server-side of Web Development, where the logic, databases, and server components of a website or web application are built and maintained. It involves everything that users don't see, including the server, database, and application logic.

Backend Developer: The architects of the digital world

Backend Developers are the architects of the digital world who are responsible for ensuring that websites and applications function smoothly. As a Backend Developer, you develop complex server logic, databases and interfaces to create the foundation for a seamless user experience.

Salary and career prospects for Backend Developers

The salary of a Backend Developer varies depending on the region, experience and qualifications. In Germany, the average salary for Backend Developers is usually between 50.000 and 80.000 euros gross per year. Depending on your expertise, you can influence your salary. Keep up to date with the future trends and pave your way to a successful career as a driving force in digital architecture.

Backend Developer Jobs: Discover exciting opportunities

Looking for exciting challenges and innovative projects? As a Backend Developer, you are spoiled for choice - there are many well-paid Backend Developer jobs. Immerse yourself in the world of Backend Developer jobs and discover fascinating opportunities for your career. Prepare to dive into digital architecture and lay the foundations for a successful Backend Development career.

Web Development in the backend: technologies and trends

Backend Development is characterized by a variety of technologies and trends. You will deal with current developments, innovative tools and proven frameworks that Backend Developers use to create powerful and scalable applications.

Backend Development courses online and remotely: Your further training opportunities

If you want to expand your skills in Backend Development, you can take both online and remote courses. Discover how you can learn flexibly and from any location to take your Backend Development skills to a new level.

Backend courses: Practical learning for your success

Practical courses help you apply your knowledge in the real world. With expert instructions and practical projects, the courses prepare you optimally for the challenges of being a Backend Developer in the real working environment.

Conclusion: Your journey in Backend Development starts here

Whether you're looking for salary guidelines, looking for the perfect job, or looking for training opportunities, this page is a perfect guide for your Backend Development journey. Discover the world of server-side logic and data processing and start your successful career as a Backend Developer.

Something we are proud of: 91% of our alumni get a job after completing successfully the bootcamp.

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Good to know

FAQs about Backend Development

Welcome to our comprehensive FAQs about Backend Development! Here we delve into the core questions surrounding server-side development of software and websites so that you can deepen your knowledge of Backend Development.

Backend Development refers to the creation of server-side logic, database management and APIs to support the functionality of websites or applications.

Common programming languages for the backend are Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, Node.js and C#.

Frontend Development deals with user interface design and interaction while Backend Development includes server-side logic, data processing and database management.

Backend Developers should have knowledge of server-side programming, database management, APIs, security and possibly cloud technologies.

Backend programming refers to the development of code, logic, and functions that work behind the scenes of a software application or website.

The path can lead through formal education, self-study or coding bootcamps. Important steps include learning relevant programming languages and frameworks and applying knowledge in practical projects.

Popular backend frameworks include Django (Python), Ruby on Rails (Ruby), Express.js (JavaScript), Laravel (PHP) and Spring (Java).

RESTful APIs (Representational State Transfer) are an architecture for web services that provide a clear structure for communication between different systems. They are important for transferring data between frontend and backend.

Cloud Computing enables Backend Developers to flexibly scale resources, manage infrastructure, and improve application availability.

Current trends include the increased use of serverless architectures, microservices, containerization and the integration of AI technologies.

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