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Kursnet offers a variety of further training opportunities. Among other things, courses from neue fische. Together we are working on the goal of integrating job-seeking people into the labor market and giving them long-term job prospects.

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Kursnet and neue fische

What does Kursnet do?

Kursnet, the employment agency's educational platform, offers a comprehensive range of educational offerings aimed at supporting working people in their professional development. This platform makes it possible to quickly and easily find suitable courses, be it for further training, professional language courses or retraining.
Kursnet's collaboration with the employment agency creates an effective connection between seekers and qualified educational offers. With the ability to learn about and apply for courses directly through the platform, access to education and professional development has never been easier.

How does Kursnet work and what does it do?

Kursnet's user-friendly interface makes it possible to filter educational offers according to various criteria such as location, duration and type of qualification. This makes it easier for users to find the courses that are right for them and to develop in a targeted manner.
The variety of educational offerings on Kursnet ranges from classic face-to-face courses to flexible online further training. The platform enables users to find out about current trends and requirements on the job market and to adapt their professional skills accordingly.
The Kursnet employment agency login offers personalized access to the platform's services. Here, users can manage their personal data, track their previous activities and apply directly for interesting courses. You can find educational offers easily on Kursnet.
neue fische offers special educational offers on Kursnet. You can find out more here!

Kursnet is particularly relevant in Berlin, a dynamic city with a diverse job market. The platform supports Berlin citizens in facing the challenges of modern working life and achieving their professional goals.

What does Kursnet have to do with the employment agency?

Kursnet is a platform of the employment agency for further training offers. Discover a wide range of courses and professional qualifications that are perfectly tailored to your career goals. Use the employment agency's extensive database to find the right course for your needs. You can also benefit from state-funded educational offers and start your professional development with KURSNET today. Find the right further training course on Kursnet!

Is Kursnet useful?

Kursnet offers an innovative and effective way to promote education and professional development. Through the partnership with the employment agency, this platform becomes a key tool for everyone who wants to expand their professional prospects and successfully integrate into the job market.

Which courses can I complete at neue fische?

In cooperation with Kursnet, neue fische offers a large number of courses that you can complete to start your further education. Do you prefer designing or do you have a great affinity for numbers? From UX UI Design to Data Analytics and may more – with us you will find the right course.

Facts and figures that are convincing

Location-independent learning
100% free of charge with the education voucher
Career Service support
Expert coaches from business
92% entry rate into a job
31% of our alumni are women
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FAQs to the topic of Kursnet

Kursnet is the official educational platform of the employment agency in Germany, which provides a variety of further training offers for different professional groups

Users can search for further training courses on Kursnet by entering criteria such as location, duration and type of qualification. The results can be further filtered as needed.

Kursnet offers a wide range of courses, including continuing education, professional language courses, retraining and online courses. The platform covers different industries and skill levels.

Registration for a course is usually done directly via Kursnet. Users can apply online and receive further information about the selection process.

Yes, Kursnet also includes a selection of online training courses that enable flexible learning and allow users to improve their skills from anywhere.

The personal login area on Kursnet allows users to track their progress, view their previous activities and apply for further courses.

Kursnet can offer support for retraining and further training by specifically searching for retraining offers that meet individual needs and professional goals.

Users could ask about funding opportunities or financial assistance for their further training in order to receive financial support.

Some users may inquire about possible age restrictions or special offers for different age groups.

Information about accessibility and support for people with disabilities may be of interest to some users

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