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AWS Cloud Computing Bootcamp

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Jul 22, 2024
The world needs stable systems, learn how to build them! Das AWS Cloud Computing Bootcamp teaches you how to code AWS Cloud infrastructures in a scalable and fault-tolerant way.

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Become a Cloud Engineer with AWS Certificate

As part of the AWS re/start program, we offer a remote Cloud Computing Bootcamp (live online), in which you learn to design, plan and scale AWS implementations using a few core AWS Services in a highly available and fault-tolerant manner. The AWS course focuses on cloud security, automation with Python, monitoring of systems and analysis of log files. After this training and passing the AWS exam, you will be a certified AWS Cloud Practitioner and AWS re/Start graduate and will increase your career and salary opportunities enormously. What are you waiting for? Get your AWS certificate training now.

Your path to AWS certification and into the job

This is what you get in the Cloud Computing Bootcamp: 2 top coaches per course, 540 hours of effective teaching, real-world assignments and 1:1 feedback sessions that will help you to grow faster. Trainings like agile methods, presentation and stress reduction are part of the bootcamp, as well as the creation of your digital capstone project. On top, we will prepare you for this with interview training in Career Coaching, among other things - so you will be supported from A to Z.

Who is eligible for AWS Cloud certification training?

Our AWS training requires no technology background and is therefore perfect for IT career changers, university dropouts, or temporary soldiers. If you need a Macbook, we will lend you one. All you need to bring is an interest in programming and motivation. We promote DiversITy, regardless of gender, sexual orientations, social and ethnic background, etc., and welcome all who are motivated: Let’s code! 🌈


  • Full-Time: 12 weeks (Mo – Fr, 9am – 6pm)
  • Participants: approx. 15
  • Coaches: 2 per bootcamp
  • Locations: Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt or remote (live online)
  • Course language: English
  • Graduation: Certificate "AWS Cloud Engineer" & Certificate "AWS Cloud Practitioner" & Certificate/Badge "AWS re/Start"

Our coaches

Jerry Erbs, Head of the Web Development department
Jerry Erbs

Department Head Web Development + Java Development + AWS Cloud Computing

Dominic Singaraj

Lead Coach AWS Cloud Computing

Tech Stack

AWS Services
Infrastructure as code
Scrum & Kanban
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The course content, application process, pricing & funding all in one pdf.

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Our bootcamps and coaches have already been certified - Time for your AWS certificate training.

Starting dates

The next dates: AWS Cloud Computing Bootcamp

By the way: remote bootcamp participants can also use our campus to learn together and exchange ideas. We look forward to seeing you!

22nd Jul16th Oct ‘24




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Less than 8 seats free

Secure seat


This is what you learn in our AWS Cloud Computing Bootcamp

Basic knowledge of the cloud, incl. first practical exercises


The Cloud Developer Bootcamp is the best way to get your AWS certification. At the beginning of the bootcamp you will get to know the first services of the AWS Cloud, and then you will get into practice: You will use the AWS services to make your own website available worldwide and without high costs.

We map the infrastructure for this in files as "Infrastructure as Code" (IaC) and version it in Git - a popular tool among version control systems because it is fast, powerful and platform-independent.

Together we dive deep into Linux


In phase 2, our coaches teach you everything about Linux and you learn how to deploy a Linux server in the cloud. For this, we use the EC2 service from AWS and you learn how to write scripts for the so-called "shell".

The shell allows users to interact with the operating system. From there, actions such as opening, writing, or copying files can be executed via text input and automated by scripts.

Let servers communicate and protect them


Good communication is not only required in the Cloud Developer Bootcamp: The servers we deploy in the AWS course also need to communicate with each other and with the outside world.
For this, we will learn the basics of subnetting and VPCs. A VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) provides the ability to connect servers and resources and allow or prevent access.

It provides the necessary isolation of the various application areas provided by the resources.
We will also look at how networks can be hacked and how we can improve our security using IAM - Identity and Access Management.

The simple introduction to Python programming


So that servers can also execute something, you learn to teach them with Python Programming. The good thing about it is that Python gives you an easy introduction to programming thanks to its clear syntax and good readability. Another advantage of Python: It is interpretable on all common operating systems.

We then run our programs on our EC2 instances and Lambda functions. The coaches in the AWS course will also go into this in detail for you.
Fun fact on the side: The name "Python" actually comes from "Monty Python's Flying Circus". 🤓

Learn everything about working with databases


What would a perfect AWS training be without training you on databases? Data is the foundation of many applications. That's why we go into depth about different databases, data security, and how they can be deployed in the cloud.

You will also learn the difference between SQL and NoSQL databases - an exciting and important module in our AWS course.

Last Deep Dive: AWS Services


The fascinating AWS Cloud offers endless possibilities for Cloud Engineers and companies. In the last phase before your personal final project and before you get your certificate, we will therefore deal with AWS services that are already "advanced".
This comes at just the right time, as this knowledge will also greatly enrich your final project. We are already looking forward to bringing your idea to life with you!

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Study at an on-site campus

Need a change of scenery? Use one of our three locations throughout Germany: Hamburg, Frankfurt or Munich.

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Study on our digital campus.

Location-independent and flexible: Our Remote Bootcamps (live online) offer you everything you get at our locations - except the coffee. Check out all the benefits of our digital campus now.

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Simple and affordable

Education must be affordable. Check out all the financing options now.

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The most important info to download

Everything you need to know about our AWS Cloud Bootcamp in one pdf: Content, pricing, funding, and all the details about the application process. Check! ✅


Really good questions, helpful answers

You still have questions about the training, the prices, the financing, etc.? Then take a look here or contact us directly.

The price of your AWS Bootcamp depends on the financing method you choose. Our Student & Admissions Team will be happy to advise you and find the right way for you.

Here you will find all relevant information about our financing options.

Whether you are a career changer, a university dropout, or a former regular soldier - AWS training is suitable for every conceivable target group. Basically, a high level of motivation and willingness to perform is the only thing participants should bring with them in order to successfully complete an AWS training within just 12 weeks.

In the AWS course, you will learn how to develop complex AWS cloud infrastructures in a highly available and fault-tolerant manner. The AWS course focuses on data security, automation with Python, monitoring of systems and analysis of log files. After this training and passing the test (for your AWS certificate) you will be a certified AWS Cloud Practitioner and increase your career and salary opportunities enormously.

AWS Cloud Certification pays off: Nearly all IT organizations are moving their servers from their own data centers to the cloud. In the cloud, companies can quickly scale globally, using and paying for only the server capacity they need at any given time. Now that almost all IT companies are using cloud services and there are not enough trained experts to do so, many companies are desperately seeking AWS Cloud Computing graduates. The AWS re/Start program helps fill this skills gap by preparing job seekers and career changers for the growing market and connecting them with exciting employers.

The starting salary as a certified AWS Cloud Practitioner* is around 45,000€ per year, depending on professional experience, the salary range can of course vary greatly. Cloud consultants have very good promotion prospects and the salary is accordingly far above the entry-level of other occupational groups.

Background pattern

What are you waiting for?

Our Student Admissions team is happy to talk with you, answer your questions, and advise you. Get in touch with us!

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