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Our mission

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

We want to live as global citizens in an equal and just world where we listen to and learn from each other.


Our workplace, our staff, and our market approach demonstrate our commitment to this ideal. The broad range of our faculty - and the courses they teach - demonstrates our commitment to empowering and promoting diverse and disparate voices.

We oppose systemic racism, police brutality, and all acts of prejudice or violence directed at any group of people in our society and communities.

We believe in the values of diversity, equality and inclusion. However, we are also aware that it is not enough to hold these beliefs. For this reason, we have committed ourselves to visible and conscious action with these six steps.

Start a digital career in 12 weeks with fun and a great community? It's possible - here with us!

We want to live in an equal and just world where we listen to and learn from each other.

Dalia Das - Founder neue fische

Our goal

is to train our participants to become responsible, efficient and sustainably thinking professionals for the digital economy (e.g. web developers, data analysts, technical sales experts). We are primarily targeting dropouts, graduates from the humanities and human science, career changers from technical as well as non-technical professions. We also pay special attention to the integration of women in the digital economy, which is why our course explicitly addresses women as well. In particular, we teach:

  • Skills and abilities to meet the requirements in the areas of Web Development, Data Science and Technical Sales according to the latest technologies and regulations adapted to the current labour market

  • Skills and abilities to perceive and control creation, testing and quality assurance processes,

  • Knowledge of the impact of errors in the control process and a realistic self-assessment,

  • Willingness and ability to behave in a considerate and cooperative manner, and

  • Responsibility for life and health, environment and property

Our approach

1 - We will use our platform for change

Neue fische was founded on the belief that learning is for everyone. We educate about social justice issues, seek to inspire activism, and oppose systemic racism.

2 - We will amplify the voices of the different coaches

Representation is important.

Our coaches team - in each of our subject categories - will consistently exceed the diversity of our society. Our goal is to achieve that representation through the next 40 faculty we bring to the platform.

Not every point of view will be shared by everyone. But every class will be an opportunity to learn. We encourage you to make your decision to watch accordingly.

3 - We will help create the inclusive world we want

We will develop and invest in additional strategies to create a workplace that reflects the diversity of the countries in which we are located.

This is a journey - and we are far from finished. As we continue to grow, we will expand our responsibilities and constantly challenge ourselves to drive change.

Our principles


We employ qualified and experienced personnel in management, teaching and administration. Ongoing professional and pedagogical training is provided for the staff.

Spatial and material equipment

The teaching rooms correspond to modern adult pedagogical and professional criteria in terms of type and equipment and are adapted to the target groups. The learning and social rooms used and the sanitary facilities meet the requirements of the workplace regulations.

Educational offer

Potential course participants receive clear statements from us regarding the required initial qualification or the learning requirements. You will be personally advised by us to enable participant-oriented and appropriate learning. In our continuing vocational training courses, we take into account current labor market and professional qualification requirements and ensure a practical orientation. The teaching and learning material complies with the didactic requirements and standards. All courses are based on a didactic-methodical concept. The courses are geared to a variety of methods. Adult-oriented learning and success controls ensure the teaching success.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is an essential guiding principle of our quality policy. When developing our training programs in accordance with the Third Book of the German Social Code - AZAV, we take into account the situation and development of the labor market and we feel obliged to provide our participants with comprehensive support in their integration into the training and labor market.

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