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From media design to UX/UI design: a guide for your career transformation

3rd April 2024

You'll find out the path to media design training and salary as well as career opportunities in UX/UI Design.

From media design to UX/UI design: a guide for your career transformation

The transition from media designer to UX/UI designer is an exciting journey that combines creativity, technical expertise and a deep understanding of user needs. Many media designers who want to steer their career towards user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design are faced with the challenge of expanding their skills and knowledge accordingly.

The starting point: media designer training

Media designer training forms the foundation for a career in the field of media design. It provides a solid foundation in the areas of design, technology and communication. During the training programme, which is offered both as school-based training and as dual training, prospective media designers learn the basics of visual design, image processing, typography and media production. The specialisation in image and sound media design in particular opens up knowledge in audio and video production, which can be an advantage for a later career in UX/UI design.

Salary prospects: Media design salary

The starting salary of a media designer can vary depending on the region, size of the company and individual qualifications. After successfully completing their training and gaining initial professional experience, media designers can expect a salary in the middle of the entry-level salary range. With increasing experience and specialisation, especially in the field of UX/UI design, the salary potential increases significantly. The media design salary reflects the growing appreciation for design skills in the digital world.

Career opportunities: from media design to UX/UI design

Career opportunities for media designers have expanded significantly in recent years. In addition to traditional jobs for media designers in advertising agencies, media houses and design offices, opportunities are increasingly opening up in the field of digital design. UX/UI design is an area that has become much more important with digitalisation. Companies are increasingly recognising how crucial good design is for the success of their digital products.

Taking the leap

The transition from media designer to UX/UI designer requires a willingness to acquire new knowledge and deepen existing skills. An understanding of user research, interaction design, wireframing, prototyping and user testing is essential. Many of these skills can be learnt through self-study, online courses and workshops. In addition, some universities and academies offer specialised training and degree courses in UX/UI design.

Build a portfolio

A meaningful portfolio is essential for UX/UI designers. It should include a wide range of projects that demonstrate both creative skills and an understanding of user-centred design. Media designers looking to move into UX/UI design should therefore start documenting and presenting their projects from this perspective.

Utilise and expand your network

The design community is known for its exchange and support. Networking events, design meetups and conferences offer great opportunities to connect with other designers, learn and meet potential employers. Online platforms such as LinkedIn, Dribbble or Behance can also be used to gain visibility and make contacts.


The path from media designer to UX/UI designer is a worthwhile investment in your own professional development. The media designer training programme provides an excellent foundation on which to build. By continuing their education, building a strong portfolio and utilising networking opportunities, media designers can significantly expand their career opportunities. The field of UX/UI design not only offers attractive salary prospects, but also the chance to be at the forefront of digital product development, designing products that people use and love every day. With creativity, passion and a desire for lifelong learning, an exciting career path is open to media designers.

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