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19th September 2022

Who we are? What we do? And how do we stand out from the rest? Find out all that now!

Okay, there's a lot of career training out there. So what's new about neue fische?

WHO are we? WHAT do we do? And most importantly, WHY is this important to you? A short deep dive into - your - new IT future!

Small spoiler beforehand: there is no faster way into IT! Indian word of honor. And we'll add one more: There's also no better (financial) retirement plan. If you read on, you'll learn why securing your future with NFTs, gold, real estate or art can't be nearly as sustainable in value as investing in your own digital (talent) development.

WHO is neue fische?

We are an IT talent factory that trains the digital future of tomorrow. In short: you and everyone who has courage and motivation in their luggage with the goal of a new professional future. Interest in programming and analytical understanding are the icing on the cake. It doesn't matter if you are a dropout, an apprentice or a career changer: We promote DiversITy. But that's not all: We are also a "Pool for Digital Talent" with our own "Get Hired" job team and support over 80 companies in recruiting plus matchmaking. In all of this, we're in a hell of a hurry. Time is constantly breathing down our necks. Because no one has time - not you and certainly not the economy. Because they need YOU and your IT talent. Keyword: shortage of skilled workers. We train you to become a tech professional in just 12 weeks full-time. For this purpose, we have developed customized bootcamps together with education experts and business experts. Our bootcamp trainers ensure the practical fit, the close integration of theory and work reality. All of them are experienced practitioners who know how things work in daily business. This is a great advantage for IT career changers seeking advice.

What is a tech bootcamp?

Our bootcamps are concentrated, condensed IT knowledge power packages that efficiently convey basic technological knowledge in combination with practical career skills. 12 weeks, a maximum of 15 participants and experienced coaches for individual focus sessions. That's the framework.

You can learn at neue fische:

Web Development

Java Development

AWS Cloud Development

Data Science

Data Analytics

Data Practitioner

UX/UI Design

Learning takes place with us according to the latest scientific, pedagogical and academic standards. This means that knowledge acquisition at turbo speed is also sustainable. Individual coaching, regular feedback, and group tasks in a super cozy feel-good atmosphere also ensure a new learning experience - with a fun factor. Various retreats offer space for everything that coding bootcamps demand: from courses to teamwork to chill time. Our digital campuses are located in all major cities and/or conveniently at your home... - should you be more the remote type.

PS: You don't need certificates, grades or previous programming experience for most of our bootcamps. BUT: That doesn't mean that everyone can become a successful programmer or analyst and have fun doing it. To make sure you don't waste your life on a new career and know what to expect, we test you in a 3-stage selection process. A little tip: Analytical knowledge helps, but your motivation, your will and your ability to learn are much, much and even more important!

Wie funktionieren Bootcamps… und funktionieren die überhaupt? How do bootcamps work... and do they work at all?

More than 900 graduates have proven that the really super tough bootcamps can be mastered in only 12 weeks. But that alone doesn't show whether our concept of a School for Digital Talents is really any good. Because the real test comes afterwards. It consists of a tough, constantly changing and completely new day-to-day business. It also consists of the working atmosphere at the new employer, the team, and finally our own satisfaction in the changed tech work setting. All this becomes apparent in the first weeks, months and years.

WHY all the "IT stuff" anyway?

Three reasons? First: Because you can! Second: Because a successful code, a perfect framework, an own app or simply a smart data visualization feels like a warm Nutella roll in the morning. And third: The world needs you! And these are really good starting conditions for a professional (high-flyer) career in big, really big business companies. Our tech talents have a choice. How about Capgemini, Haiilo, Gruner+Jahr/RTL Mediengruppe or Seven Principles, for example? What's 12 weeks there? Oh yes, and your own knowledge growth is sustainably limitless - compared to economic growth. A worthwhile investment.

Any questions? Perhaps about financing?

Then let us know. Just write us what you want to know by mail to: or let us talk: +49 (40) - 22 85 96 16.

Find out more about our programming bootcamps here.

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