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Data Part-Time

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Jun 19, 2023
Become a data gold miner and learn data processing and modelling skills, as well as techniques to best present your findings.

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Become a Data specialist - now finally also possible part-time

In this part-time, remote (live online) course, you'll learn what's required in modern businesses: identifying business issues, solving them with data, understanding risk, and assessing data modeling expectations. Hands-on, we teach you to work with stakeholders to understand business problems and turn them into mathematical tasks. You'll learn data visualization (using Tableau) and processing through APIs and SQL, as well as machine learning modeling. You can start directly as a data all-rounder and/or use the course as a stepping stone to data science, analytics, engineering or management.

The perfect course for career changers and Back to Work'ers

You will be mentored by 2-3 top coaches, receive 520 hours of effective instruction, real-world assignments, Q+A rounds, and 1:1 feedback sessions. With training in Scrum, agile methods and presentation, we prepare you ideally for the job. This also includes your digital journeyman piece, which you will work on in the team during the last 4 weeks. Through interview training and career coaching, you will also learn how to master upcoming job applications.

For whom is our Data Part-Time training suitable?

The Data Part-Time Bootcamp is a mix of Data Science and Data Analytics and is not only perfect for career changers, but also for all those who want to get back to work after parental leave. We not only refresh your knowledge, but also make you fit for the daily business. If you already have programming experience, a university degree or knowledge of statistics, the course is also suitable for you. Employees who deal with data sets and analyses will benefit just as much as people who aspire to an interface or management position. The course takes place in the mornings and on a part-time basis. We promote DiversITy, regardless of gender, sexual orientations, social and ethnic background, etc., and welcome all who are motivated: Let’s code! 🌈


  • Part-Time: 26 weeks (Mo – Fr, 9am – 1pm)
  • Participants: approx. 15
  • Coaches: 2 per bootcamp
  • Locations: Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich, Bochum oder remote (live online)
  • Language: English
  • Graduation: Certificate "Data Practitioner"

Our Coaches

Nico Steffen coach
Nico Steffen

Coach - Data Part Time

Tech Stack

Agile methods
Time Series
Model Deployment
Command line
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What distinguishes the Data Part-Time Bootcamp? Practical relevance, teamwork, diversity and, of course, fun!

Starting dates

The next dates: Data Part-Time

Apply now for one of 15 places in our Data Part-Time training. Now also with integrated learning breaks for you from August 7th to 11th 2023 and from October 23rd to 27th 2023. No suitable start date? Contact us here.

By the way: remote bootcamp participants can also use our campus to learn together and exchange ideas. We look forward to seeing you!

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Less than 8 seats free

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This is what you learn in our Data Part-Time Bootcamp

Kick-Off: We get to know each other and our tools

Data Roles

Welcome to the Data Practitioner Bootcamp! Everything starts with a short introductory phase where you get to know the coaches and other course participants. After that, we start right away with learning the basic skills. This includes, for example, working with the Unix shell and, of course, setting up your MacBook.

It doesn't always have to be complicated, so you'll also learn something about working with spreadsheets and forms at the beginning. At the same time, we introduce you to modern and collaborative ways of working by using Git and Github. Are you still unfamiliar with the world of data in general? No problem: Together we will get to know different jobs and roles such as data analyst, data practitioner, data scientist and data engineer.

Advanced coding: let's look deeper


The second phase is mainly about the tools of the trade. Here you will deal with the general basics of the Python programming language, in which you will write and execute your first small programmes. Afterwards, you will get to know Numpy and Pandas, the most important Python libraries for working with data. In parallel, you will become familiar with databases and learn about the possibilities of SQL – which will then accompany you during the boot camp.

Gaining useful insights from our raw data

Model Evaluation

It's getting exciting once again! In the third phase, we start with an extensive EDA project (exploratory data analysis). Here you have the chance to put your previously acquired knowledge to practical use: Evaluate an unknown data set in a targeted and efficient way to clarify relevant questions for a stakeholder - and also present this convincingly in a presentation. Afterwards, we come to the basics of machine learning: you will get to know and apply regression and classification models.

Using data to drive business success

Data Products
Agile methods

The best models and analyses don't help if they sit in a drawer. That's why the fourth phase is more about building a data-driven mindset and living the culture around it. In addition to the basics of agile project management, you will learn, for example, what data products are and what it means to support them as a product owner. In addition, you will learn about different KPIs and understand what role they play for the stakeholders. To make data accessible for non-experts, you will create visualisation dashboards with modern tools.

More complex machine learning models

Decision Trees
Ensemble Methods

The fifth phase of our boot camp is all about machine learning. Here you will get to know more regression- and classification models and understand how basic models can be combined to solve more complex problems. In addition to the theory of how the models work, you will of course also learn about the practical application. Here, the focus is on understanding which challenges the individual models are particularly suitable for. This phase is also concluded with a larger project in which you can try out and demonstrate what you have learned.

Model deployment, external data & capstone phase

Model Deployment
Digital capstone project

In this phase, you learn how to use your developed models online and connect them with external data sources. This is followed by the four-week final project. In a team of 3 to 4 people, you develop a solution for a given problem and present it. In doing so, you apply all your technical and agile skills and learn new ones. Of course, you also get a certifcate at the end of the course. And there is the celebratory partner event: the perfect way to present yourself and your work and to get in touch with potential employers.

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Our locations

Study on an on-site campus

You prefer to learn Agile Project Management in face-to-face classes? Then choose one of our four locations throughout Germany: Hamburg, Cologne, Bochum, Frankfurt or Munich. Find out more here!

To the locations

Digital campus

Study on our digital campus.

Location-independent and flexible: Our Remote Data Bootcamps (live online) offer you everything you get at our locations - except the coffee. Check out all the benefits of our digital campus now.


Simple and affordable

12 weeks Data Practitioner Bootcamp starting from 10.500€*
*for self-paying persons

Education must be affordable. Check out all the funding options now or get advice directly.

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Everything you need to know about our Data Practitioner training in one pdf: Content, pricing, financing, and all the details about the application process. Check! ✅


Really good questions, helpful answers.

You still have questions about the Data Part-Time certification, the prices, the financing or similar? Then take a look here or contact us.

In the first days, we will go through the basics of working with a Macbook, the basics of coding in Python and other stuff. However, you should already have a good foundation you can build on. If you have never done any programming before, we suggest you start with that and start the bootcamp after you gained first experience. When you are unsure whether your skills are sufficient, just make an appointment with our admission team, we are happy to help you!

Yes! … maybe. If you already have a clear understanding of the direction you see yourself getting into (i.e. more data analysis or data science) then you might look into the specific boot camps we offer for those topics. However, if you are not sure yet in which direction you want to develop, the Data Part-Time course might be a perfect way of figuring that out. The goal here is to give you a broad overview and perspective on what is out there and give you a great starting point for further development. We also want to enable you to take over a management role in the data world.

We strongly believe collaboration beats individual work, and that teams always will be stronger than the parts they are made from. However, we also believe in pragmatic solutions. Hence, the idea of the bootcamp is for everyone to be there all the time – as far as this possible. We always try to find ways to enable everyone to participate, so you miss a lecture? We try to make a recording. You miss an exercise? You can repeat it in your own time. However, if you already know that you will miss a significant part of the time, please discuss with our admission team if it is still feasible to join.

Actually, it is super helpful to have some extra time to revisit stuff, try out more things, or work through additional resources. For most of our topics, we can help you with extra exercises. However, we can’t promise you to always be able to offer you extra assignments or assistance.

Quick answer: no. We do offer a course where we go into these more advanced machine learning models: our data science bootcamp. The practical experience shows, however, that in the most of the jobs out there, these modeling techniques only play a small role. Hence, we made the decision to focus on more relevant, down-to-earth things in the Data Part-Time course that you will almost certainly need. However, if you really want to, it’s possible to use some of the advanced models in one of the projects.

We believe that offering a part-time bootcamp brings value for many people. Hence, we do believe that we will also offer the other topics in part-time in the future. Feel free to contact us with your wishes - if enough people ask we try to make it happen faster than planned!

Did you know that our Web Development Bootcamp is sometimes taking place in part-time? Find out more information here.

What are you waiting for?

Our Student Admissions team is happy to talk with you, answer your questions, and advise you. Get in touch with us!

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