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Overcoming the fear of contact: why the IT industry is perfect for women and their careers

27th April 2023

Eine Frau sitzt am Schreibtisch vor ihrem Laptop und wird von ihrer Tochter umarmt.
Lucrative bonuses, full flexibility: IT pros are being courted! 5 reasons why IT is perfect for women.

Women + IT = Perfect Match

How do you find your job? What is important in your decision? Oh yes ... and of course, what excites you? Questions upon questions – but who or what really decides your own job biography? Often it's coincidences that are neither plannable nor comprehensible. Sometimes it is the parents. Not infrequently the fact that husband and wife want to become parents themselves.

But above all, there is always a need for role models. People who courageously go new ways, do things differently and break down role expectations. This is especially important in the digital economy. Because here the proportion of women is a sobering 18 percent. So the tech world is a man's world. Still.

Role models: alone among men - yet!

Role Models: alone among men – yet! For more diversity, we need role models - women who are given a stage and are visible. Only those who are visible can inspire others. Like Susan Wojcicki. Mother of five children. CEO of YouTube. In the tech industry for 20 years. A veteran. One who shows it can be done. Danah Boyd also shows that children and a career in IT are a great combination. At her own research institute, Data & Society, she investigates the legal and ethical implications of AI and data science. Jessica de Lafuente Torres has also experienced how groundbreaking coincidences can be. Her name is at least as inspiring as her professional CV. For Jessica is an IT career changer: formerly an office clerk, now an IT executive at the Otto Group.
Women like Jessica are still alone among men. Because many of them are united by a mission: they want to take away women's fear of contact with the IT world and show that there are so many valid reasons for an IT job. At any age, with and without child(ren).

5 good reasons for an IT job

1. Design instead of administer

Do you finally want to sit at the lever, turn the big wheel, make decisions and try out new things? Playing second fiddle and receiving thousands and thousands of CC emails is no longer enough for you? Then IT is the right place for you. The tech world creates solutions for current problems, deals with the issues of tomorrow and drives innovation. And you as a woman are needed. Women contribute to the improvement of technical innovations. They also ensure a higher productivity rate. The bosses and decision-makers know this. That's why more and more well-known companies are specifically looking for women who have IT brainpower or want to have it in the future.

2. You're in charge

When the labour market situation is dominated by candidates and they have the upper hand in deciding their upcoming profession, it is called a candidate-driven market. Too complicated? Forget it all right away. Just remember: you are in charge. When? Where? For how long? You determine the framework conditions of your working world yourself. Why is that? In business jargon, the answer would be the following: Supply meets demand. In other words, there are a lot of vacancies, numerous exciting projects and a lot of room for manoeuvre when it comes to salary, work location, work area, etc.

3. Gender Pay Gap passé

The fastest growing and most lucrative jobs are those related to technology. In Germany, for example, women still earn on average around 18 percent less per hour than men. Not so in the digital economy. MAN simply cannot afford an equity gap in IT. Steeply increasing salaries, variable bonuses, smart goodies and much more. An IT job promises all this and much more - also, or especially, for women, mothers and career changers. No matter what age, all you need is IT know-how - digital skills in sought-after areas such as data science, eCommerce, UX/UI design or web development. No time for learning? No argument. Because we'll give you your portion of IT knowledge in just 12 weeks, even remotely ... part-time if you wish. The knowledge comes directly to you. Only courage, that's what you need.

4. Safer than the pension

What is still secure these days? Hardly the pension. At least not for those under 40. But we have a hot investment tip for your retirement provision: an IT job. Why? The shortage of IT specialists is already extremely high today and this will not change in the next few decades, so an IT job is an absolutely safe bank in the long term. 99.9 % job security, so to speak. Not only that. The personal development opportunities are as diverse as the industry itself.

5. Rooftop loft or kitchen table?

Cold server cellars, masses of cable chaos, flashing zeros and ones against a pitch-black background. No way! Work-life balance. New Work. Digital Nomads. Every buzzword of the neo-economy, of today's working world, seems to have been invented for the IT industry. That's how appropriate they are. Because an IT job promises limitless creative freedom. IT is an industry that has not only brought about digitalisation, but is living its benefits to the full. Part-time or full-time. Commitment to a hip start-up or an international corporate career. Van life with South Seas beach hopping or home office at the kitchen table. No matter what a woman wants. No matter what a woman needs, depending on her stage of life. An IT job adapts. Thanks to remote work.

Equal. Educated. In demand. This way ...

Our IT bootcamps are the springboard for women in every phase of life. Your career boost, your future security, your daily dose of good humour. Your opportunity to grow beyond yourself and all role expectations. Find out more about our programming bootcamps.

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If you would like to look at the employment office for jobs first, we have a suitable guide for you here.

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