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Which job pays the best?

31st May 2024

Ranking of the best-paid IT jobs

The IT industry offers a wide range of well-paid jobs characterized by different areas of responsibility and requirements. Here is a ranking of the best-paid IT jobs:

1. Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Average annual salary: EUR 180,000 - 300,000

The CIO is responsible for the entire IT strategy of a company. He oversees IT projects, ensures cyber security and integrates new technologies into business processes.

2. Chief technology officer (CTO)

Average annual salary: EUR 150,000 - 280,000

The CTO leads the technological development of a company and is responsible for the implementation of new technologies and the development of technology roadmaps. This position requires both technical expertise and leadership skills.

3. IT Director

Average annual salary: EUR 120,000 - 220,000

IT Directors lead IT departments and are responsible for managing IT teams and projects. They ensure that the IT infrastructure is efficient and secure.

4. Software architect

Average annual salary: EUR 100,000 - 160,000

Software architects design complex software solutions and systems. They work closely with development teams to ensure that software projects meet technical and business requirements.

5. Cloud solutions architect

Average annual salary: EUR 100,000 - 150,000

Cloud Solutions Architects design and implement cloud computing solutions for organisations. They are experts in the use of cloud services such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

6. IT Security Manager (CISO)

Average annual salary: EUR 90,000 - 150,000

A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is responsible for securing a company's IT systems. He develops security strategies and monitors their implementation in order to minimise threats and vulnerabilities.

7. Data scientist

Average annual salary: EUR 80,000 - 140,000

Data scientists analyse and interpret complex data sets to gain valuable insights for business decisions. They use statistical methods and machine learning algorithms to analyse data.

8. DevOps Engineer

Average annual salary: 75,000 - 130,000 EUR

DevOps engineers work at the interface between development and IT operations. They automate processes to speed up software development and deployment and improve efficiency.

9. Blockchain developer

Average annual salary: EUR 70,000 - 125,000

Blockchain developers specialize in the development and implementation of blockchain technologies. This position is particularly in demand in the financial and technology sectors.

10. IT Project Manager

Average annual salary: EUR 70,000 - 120,000

IT project managers lead IT projects from planning to implementation. They coordinate teams, manage budgets and ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget.


The IT industry offers a wide range of well-paid career opportunities that vary according to area of responsibility and specialisation. Executive positions such as CIO and CTO are at the top of the rankings, followed by specialised technical roles such as software architects and cloud solutions architects. Continuous development and specialisation in IT is crucial to succeed in these well-paid positions.

Our IT bootcamps can be an excellent choice for lateral entry into IT. It offers fast, intensive and hands-on training that is tailored to the current needs of the labour market. Despite the challenges associated with such an intensive programme, the benefits - such as hands-on experience, networking and job search support - can make starting a successful IT career much easier. With the right preparation and attitude, career changers can gain the necessary skills to succeed in the dynamic and growing IT industry through an IT bootcamp.

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