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Coding bootcamp experience report: Emily's testimonial with her top 5 Reasons to join

31st March 2022

neue fische alumni Emily
We asked Emily for her Top 5 Reasons to join the neuefische Coding Bootcamp.

Our crush: Emily shares her top 5 reasons for attending a bootcamp.

She joined our Web Development bootcamp two years ago and has never regretted her decision. In her testimonial she tells us why: 

1. Market-relevant content

Before I decided to join the bootcamp at neue fische, I did intensive research on what skills a female developer needs to have and what companies expect here. After I knew from looking at job ads and reviews on Stack Overflow that, for example React, was a skill employers* were looking for and I was able to match it with the course content from the Web Development course. This is how I found out that the content and highly regarded frameworks are technologies for professional developers. The testimonial of the other students also supported me in my decision.

2. 4 weeks to develop an app

Group projects are great, but building your own fullstack app from scratch really helps you understand how software development works. From design to deployment to project management and code review, this phase was by far the best learning experience and reinforced my desire to become a software developer. 

3. Training in German

I wanted to find a job in Hamburg. The course in German was a great way to learn software terminology in the local language, understand best practices in German-language job interviews, and make contacts with local technology companies that were looking for a junior software engineer(s). 

4. Remote learning

I started my bootcamp in the summer of 2020 - right in the middle of the pandemic. What was amazing was how well the bootcamp was run despite the chaos of the pandemic around us. The course instructors were based in Cologne, and most of my fellow students lived in cities all over Germany. In terms of learning efficiency, practice, code reviews, support, and even socializing with fellow students, the opportunity to do this bootcamp remotely was excellent. Working remotely was also good preparation for my first job as a junior software engineer a few months later.

5. Comprehensive application support.

From creating a GitHub profile with fullstack projects, technical interview exercises, resume analysis and feedback, a "live job interview," an overview of Scrum methodology, a crash course in UX design, to a live graduation ceremony with hiring tech companies onsite, neue fische really provided an extensive amount of information and support for our next step into the world of professional software development. In addition, the staff* at neue fische made you feel very motivated to highlight what was special about each of our profiles. This was really inspiring and supported me to be proud of my achievements and to apply accordingly.

I hope that my testimonial could help you:)

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