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Fabiana Testimonial - First media designer then web developer

19th April 2022

neue fische alumni fabian hanso
Fabian talks about his experience in the course and his start with neuefishce hiring partner *SinnerSchrader*!

"This is where I feel I've really arrived for the first time," says our graduate Fabian about his first job after the bootcamp.
A few months after completing his Web Development Bootcamp, Fabian tells us about his experience and how he got started in the job at our corporate partner SinnerSchrader in this testimonial.

Why did you join neue fische?

I decided to train as a media designer after graduating from high school to pursue my creative passion. In fact, I was hardly employed in the creative field, but rather increasingly in the technical field & thus quickly came to a point where I also increasingly dealt with the development of websites and apps at home. It quickly became clear to me that this professional field interested and challenged me much more, but also overwhelmed me at first. That's why I decided to continue my education at neue fische.

What was your biggest challenge you feel comfortable sharing with us in this testimonial?

Personally, I found it very difficult to limit myself to certain functionalities during my capstone phase. I would have liked to try out and incorporate many more new things, but this would have led to time problems. Despite all this, I can only give everyone the tip to think outside the box and try new things even during the capstone phase!
What did you like best about the bootcamp?
First ... clearly the cohesion among the participants! Furthermore, it must be clearly emphasized that despite the clear structure of topics, time was always found for other questions. In addition, a good way was found not to overtax complete newcomers and at the same time not to bore others with previous knowledge.

How was your start in the job?

I started as a Junior Product Engineer at SinnerSchrader on 01.01.2022. This is where I feel I have really arrived for the first time. My colleagues challenge me, but are also happy to help with open questions. Currently, I still invest a lot of private time in further training, but I also get this from SinnerSchrader whenever I want to take it.
Apart from that, I would like to take away the fear of starting a career for all neue fische graduates in this testimonial. A good company makes a kind of investment in a junior developer. It gives you the time and opportunity to develop and makes you feel comfortable.

Is there a personal highlight moment in or after bootcamp you would like to end your testimonial with?

I actually don't have to think long at all. When the topic of JavaScript came up, the overwhelming demands were written all over the faces of many career changers. At that time, we often sat down together in the evening and repeated what we had learned. Once I said to a - in the meantime good friend - that it wasn't that difficult and that he just needed a little practice. At that moment, of course, he didn't want to believe me and mocked me a bit for this statement. Not even 2 weeks later I had a problem understanding an advanced JavaScript functionality, which he was able to explain to me in no time. My absolute highlight moment!
How was the cooperation with the other students?
I would describe the cooperation with the other students as very familiar and helpful. Even today, we meet for small online "class reunions" to talk about news and clarify any questions that arise.

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