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Meet Kai - from mechanical engineering to software engineer at our hiring partner Capgemini, a testimonial

31st December 2021

Kai Java Alumni Cap Gemini
From mechanical engineer to software engineer - these were the experiences of our Java graduate Kai

Our crush: From mechanical engineer to software engineer - here's how the bootcamp went for our Java graduate Kai, a testimonial:

"The bootcamp prepared me perfectly for my everyday job."

Kai has already noticed during his work in the field of mechanical engineering that the topic of IT is becoming increasingly relevant. At the same time, he reached his limits when trying to teach himself programming, so he made the decision to focus entirely on it for three months as part of the neue fische bootcamp. And it worked successfully - because this is how he ended up with his current employer and our partner Capgemini and was able to develop his know-how within a very short time. Find out more in his interview and testimonial!

Why did you join neue fische?

After my first job in industry, I wanted to further develop my programming skills and was looking for a practical approach based on current technologies. In my opinion, neue fische had the best overall package of practical orientation, imparted knowledge and the opportunity to get to know partner companies.

What was your biggest bootcamp challenge you fell like sharing in this testimonial?

Definitely the pace. The bootcamp cuts across a lot of relevant topics, so you have to be prepared to learn new content every day. Depending on your learning type, you find some topics easier than others and have to revise some things at the end of the day.

What did you like best about the bootcamp?

The team spirit. In the selection process before the bootcamp, a lot of emphasis is placed on teamwork, and this is also reflected in the bootcamp. We participants all harmonized very well with each other and pushed each other. Alone, the goals in the bootcamp would have been more difficult to achieve. My course even led to one or two friendships and we are still in contact with each other.

How was your start at work?

My start as a software engineer at the consulting firm Capgemini was very pleasant. After a short time I realized how well the bootcamp prepared me for the daily work. The way of planning and developing features as well as dealing with difficulties taught in the bootcamp is exactly what I need in my new job on a daily basis. Thanks to neue fische I was able to develop very quickly in 9 months by now.

I hope my testimonial could help some of you in ways of orientation!

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