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Interview with Aylin about the IT Project Management course- a testimonial

6th July 2023

In our interview our student Aylin shares her experiences with the new agile IT Project Management course.

Aylin decided to take the IT Project Management course at neue fische to broaden her knowledge and open up a new career field - a testimonial

Our student Aylin reports first-hand about her first experiences with our new IT Project Management course. In the testimonial, you can find out what motivated her to take the course and why neue fische is the perfect partner to support her in her professional development.

Can you tell us more about your professional background?

I have worked in a software company for the last 5 years. Initially in sales and then later in account management. The last 2 years I managed a team in Customer Success.

What was your motivation to start the IT project management bootcamp?

My motivation resulted from my previous professional experience, in which I have, among other things, led a team, managed smaller internal projects and gained more and more insight into project management in the IT sector through account management of customers. Since I would like to work as an IT project manager in the future, I recognized the need to deepen and expand my skills and knowledge in this area.

Why did you decide to join neue fische?

A good friend of mine had already completed a web development bootcamp at neue fische and then drew my attention to the fact that a bootcamp for IT Project Management had recently been offered. The relevant topics in the curriculum, the positive testimonials, the short time of four weeks and the funding via an education voucher solidified my decision.

What is your expectation of the bootcamp?

My expectation of the bootcamp is that it will prepare me for my work as an IT project manager and provide me with important tools and methods to be successful in my daily work. I hope for practical exercises and examples to strengthen my knowledge and skills in project management. In addition, I expect the bootcamp to also address soft skills such as communication and teamwork. Overall, I want the bootcamp to prepare me optimally for my future role.

How did the onboarding go? Did you feel well informed?

Yes, I felt well informed through the communication and many information provided, such as the other detailed testimonials. The MacBook also arrived on time and I was totally happy to be provided a MacBook.

How did the first few days go?

We were given insights into best practices and tools that are important in project management. From the beginning, the focus was on teaching us practical skills that we could apply directly in the field. The first days we learned what is crucial for a successful project start.

What do you like most about the bootcamp?

I especially like the strong connection to practice and the development processes in the bootcamp. I appreciate the all-round approach to the relevant topics of project management and the focus on agile methods. It's also great that we get to know tools such as Jira and Confluence. And of course I like the great team with different backgrounds, which enriches the learning atmosphere. I've met great people here and have already learned a lot.

Has the course been worthwhile for you so far? Why?

Yes, the course has definitely been worth it for me so far. It prepared me well for the job of a project manager and I received great application tips. I'm also happy to be part of the neue fische community.

Would you recommend us to your best friend?

Yes, I would recommend the bootcamp to my best friend if she already has some initial IT knowledge and wants to get started as an IT project manager. It offers good preparation, relevant tools and methods, and an inspiring exchange with other professionals.

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