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Meet Leo - My testimonial about the neue fische coding bootcamp and the time after

19th April 2022

alumni leo
Leo tells us about his new passion, the challenges in the course and his new job!

Meet Leo - "At Neue Fische, I was welcomed with open arms," says our graduate Leo.

A few months after completing his web development bootcamp, Leo tells us about his experience and how he got started at the job in this testimonial.

Why did you join neue fische?

During my apprenticeship as a media designer in a print shop, I quickly realized that my professional future should be in the digital, rather than the analog, world. However, after my adjoining studies in Industry 4.0 computer science left me with a strong lack of practical relevance and I also discovered my passion for web design on the side, I finally decided to discontinue my studies so that I could now also deal with the development of websites.

The other positive testimonials and the many informations supported me in my decision for neue fische. I was welcomed with open arms and immediately had the feeling that I was getting exactly the practical training I was missing in my studies. That was a great experience!

What was your biggest challenge you feel like sharing with us in this testimonial?

The biggest challenge for me was getting started ;-)
Before starting the bootcamp, I unfortunately thought too much about whether programming would be too difficult for me. But in retrospect that was total nonsense! Through the many practical examples from our coaches, everything was suddenly super tangible. If new topics were not immediately understood, we simply repeated them again in the large group and no question was laughed at.

What did you like best about the bootcamp?

My favorite part was the capstone phase. During this time, we were able to independently apply everything we had learned in the previous weeks, we were completely free to arrange our times and tasks, and we were able to independently deal with new topics and technologies that we wanted to incorporate into our app. During this exhausting but exciting time, I definitely learned the most and also only really realized that I now have the tools and skills to develop my own website or app.

How was your start at work?

Again, my head was making too much noise ;-)
I quickly found my new digital home as a junior web developer at Rockstardevelopers. Right from the start, I was assigned my own areas of responsibility and my own project, together with a senior developer, whom I can ask questions at any time.

And even if not every term or syntax is exactly right when I start, after the bootcamp I at least know exactly where and how I can best look them up.

Was there a personal highlight moment in or after the bootcamp your testimonial should not miss?

Because of all the input and the fast pace, it was sometimes difficult for me to see and understand the big picture in the many small topics. Then it was a matter of trusting the coaches, who told us that it would all come.

And they were absolutely right, because about halfway through the course it suddenly "clicked" in my head and I finally had a big picture in mind.

How was it working with the other students?

My group was awesome. Right from the start, I enjoyed sitting in front of the computer every morning because the atmosphere in the team was always really good.
Especially during the journeyman phase, we all supported each other and grew even closer together as a class.

The virtual get-togethers on Friday evenings certainly contributed to this.

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