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In this testimonial our crush Nora answers questions about the AWS Cloud Development Bootcamp.

10th March 2022

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Nora tells about her experiences in the AWS Cloud Development Bootcamp

"I've never had such a high learning curve," says our student Nora.

In this testimonial she tells us about her experience in the AWS Cloud Development Bootcamp.

What did you do before neue fische?

Before coming to neue fische, I worked in both the private sector and academia. I still hadn't really found my place. I wanted to get to know a completely different way of thinking and find out what I was made of.

Why did you choose AWS Cloud?

I find it incredibly exciting to see how quickly the cloud is gaining popularity, how much is now cloud-based. If I'm going to make a lateral move, why not do it in an area with a promising future? Also, I started with no prior experience and am now learning about many different areas (networking, security, Python, Infrastructure as Code, Docker, in addition to all sorts of AWS services). That's ideal for getting a comprehensive overview, setting priorities, and specializing later on.

For your testimonial it would also be very insighful to hear about what you liked the most about the bootcamp, what is your highlight?

I have never had such a high learning curve as during the bootcamp. The daily combination of theory and application are exactly my learning format and it's crazy how much I've already learned in 4 weeks. Of course this is also due to the great group, our top coach and the sustainable learning methods! The most fun for me are our Friday challenges, where we have to recall and apply everything we learned during the week. Trial & error until it sits.

What can you recommend to other people who are also thinking about developing in AWS Cloud in this testimonial?

Finish thinking, inform, do :-) It's best to contact new fish as early as possible, there is a lot of uncomplicated info and decision support there, also for financial support. And as a motivational boost, you can already go through a few tutorials on the Internet. I was already happy and grateful after the first days to have decided for the bootcamp!

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