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Sabine now teaches in New York

9th May 2022

Sabine web development New York
Every life path is different: Sabine graduated from bootcamp in 2020 and is now working in New York!

"The knowledge I gained at Bootcamp was directly transferable," says our graduate Sabine, who now works in New York.

Sabine tells us how the bootcamp prepared her for her exciting new job!

Sabine is a new fische alumni of the Web Development Bootcamp, graduating in September 2020. Originally from Germany, she is completing a year-long exchange at the German International School in New York, where she currently teaches math, ethics, and computer science, and is also a digital learning strategy development consultant at her school.

Why did you come to neue fische? 

I had read about coding bootcamps in Der Spiegel and was intrigued by how such a course could prepare you for a job so quickly. As a teacher, I was curious to see how it worked and wanted to find out what it was like to train for a job "in the real world." 

What did you do before?

Before bootcamp, I taught math, religious education, and computer science at a secondary school. Although some of my classes in college included programming, I didn't really have much exposure to web development before bootcamp.

What was your biggest challenge?

For me, the hardest part was staying focused in the afternoons. It was an intense course, so it was challenging to stay focused and fully motivated the entire time. However, since the course was completely remote, I didn't have to commute to the new fish campus and could use the time to relax or study at home.

What did you like best about the bootcamp?

Our coach was fantastic. He really did a great job. He brought years of experience and knowledge in web development as well as an open and curious mindset, which was really inspiring. I also really enjoyed my time with my classmates* - we were all happy to help and were there for each other throughout the course.

How did it go with your new job after the bootcamp?

It's been great! I have a hybrid role that includes both teaching and consulting with my current school on digital learning strategies. The knowledge I gained from the bootcamp was directly transferable to those strategies and boosted my confidence in that subject area. 
What was your highlight during or after the bootcamp?

The highlight for me was the "Bergfest" where we all met in a park in Cologne. This was the first time we all met in real life, which made this event very special. 

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