What do Java developers do?

8th November 2022

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What exactly does a Java Developer do? We tell you everything - skills, tasks and salary.

What do Java developers actually do?

Black screen. White zeros and ones. In between a cold pizza. If you think this is the everyday work of programmers, you're wrong. The profession is creative and communicative. In addition, Java as a programming language is the perfect springboard for career changers.

Prejudices are still in vogue when it comes to developers. From the glasses-wearing loner, to the super nerd, to the lonely outsider. This has little or nothing to do with the reality of Java developers. On the contrary. Because with programming languages like Java, you don't just develop software, but developers "customize" it to meet the specific requirements and needs of the user. This requires, for example, regular dailies, individual coordination meetings, between the sprint sessions, the programming units. Java developers work agilely in interdisciplinary teams with other IT specialists, designers, project managers and customers. In short, the working day is a colorful mixture of black screen and creative communication.

Java: Must-have for coders

Especially when starting out as a programmer, it is important to know which programming languages are popular, which are useful, and which are on the rise on the market. Good news: Java is once again one of the most widespread and popular programming languages in the world. Behind Python and C, Java was voted among the top 3 in the TIOBE index; far ahead of the rest of the world. Java also ranks 6th among users themselves, and there are good reasons for this. Java has been on the market since 1995. A real eternity in the fast-paced IT world. Yet the programming language is considered a fascinating phenomenon in the software industry. Both the language and the platform itself have been able to adapt time and again to the sometimes radical changes in the tech landscape - and maintain their supremacy in the process. Java is a versatile, open source language with a huge global community. A nice plus for IT newbies: Java is beginner-friendly. For many years, Java has therefore been considered a must-have language.

What are the tasks of Java developers?

Java developers design, write and implement programs, for example in the form of web applications and applications. Due to the flexibility and universal applicability of this software, this profession can be carried out flexibly in terms of both time and place. The possible applications are extremely diverse. But no matter where developers work, the tasks are interesting, exciting and challenging. Java professionals are involved in the entire lifecycle of software. The process usually starts with conceptual discussions in-house or with customers. This is followed by the implementation phase. Finally, the completed program must be tested. These structured tests are an essential part of the work. The goal is to deliver a bug-free, user-friendly program. This requires a detective's nose, a lot of patience and a meticulous work ethic. Last but not least, Java Developers are also responsible for maintenance.

Tasks at a glance:

  • Analysis of requirements and IT processes

  • Consulting with customers and/or project partners

  • Coding with Java

  • Setting up and executing software tests

  • Optimization of the software

  • Error analysis and bug fixing

  • Documentation

  • Training in the use of the software

What skills are required?

The job of a Java Developer is versatile and extensive. Accordingly, the qualities that IT career changers should bring with them should also be broadly diversified. In addition to the technical requirements, soft skills are particularly helpful in the job. Since developers are always working in different group constellations, they need to be able to work well in a team, have good people skills, and enjoy communicating. As with all projects, Java developers are often under time pressure. It is therefore important for them to be able to work under pressure and to maintain an inner balance during stressful phases.

Skills of Java Developers:

  • Coding

  • Ability to work in a team

  • Strategic and analytical thinking

  • Solid time and project management

  • Communication skills

What does a Java expert earn?

The quick answer to this question is: good. In fact, it's looking better and better. Java professionals are in short supply on the job market and are therefore highly sought after. So if you know Java, you are spoilt for choice and can choose from a wide range of job offers.

As with any profession, earnings depend on a number of factors. These include the regional location of the company, the size of the company, the work experience as well as the industry and the IT specialization. The more in demand a specialization is, the higher the respective earnings prospects. Career starters usually start with around €42,000 per year. The average is around €50,000, which can be achieved after a few years of professional experience. Specializations and management activities add another €10,000 or so to the purse strings. However, the current shortage on the labor market has led to a steady rise in incomes. In some cases, top incomes of over €70,000 are already negotiable today.

Java for Future?

The many advantages of Java, such as its versatility, its beginner-friendliness or the fact that Java is multithreaded, make this programming language so popular worldwide. Thus, the chances are more than good that the IT world will continue to be enriched by Java in the coming years. Experts see the strong community in particular as a major plus for the future. Since this is quite ready to fight for its goals, as the development around EE4J has shown. There is much to suggest that Java will continue to adapt to the latest tech trends and thus remain the perfect entry-level language for all IT newbies. Java developers need not worry about a secure and lucrative future, because the future speaks Java.

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PS: Why is Java actually called Java?

For all those who want to shine with nerd know-how, we have something: the answer. The name comes from the coffee brand Peet`s Coffee Java. One of the founders, Chris Warth, supposedly drank it at a meeting. That gave him the idea to name the programming language that way.

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