What do web developers do?

13th November 2022

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What exactly does a Web Developer do? We'll tell you everything - skills, tasks and salary!

What do web developers actually do?

Your favorite place is not the couch, but the Internet? Then a job as a web developer is your thing. Digital natives in Internet technology are highly sought-after professionals - in industry, science, culture and, of course, the tech sector. Freelance or permanent. Work where and how you want!

If there's one job that anyone can learn, even without prior IT experience, it's web development. Anyone can get started almost immediately, try their hand at it, and start programming their own websites on their own after just a few weeks. That's why web development is considered by the IT industry as the soft entry into the world of coding. This is ideal, especially for non-IT people and career changers from different fields and with different levels of knowledge. At the same time, there are not only lucrative job offers to be had, but also an almost infinite digital world that web developers can literally shape - or rather "design" - themselves.

What are the tasks of a Web Developer?

Web developers design and program web-based software solutions; in short: web applications. They create websites, support, maintain and further develop apps. To do this, they use various programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, CSS or HTTP. The tasks are extremely diverse, because they include both hard coding of, among other things, server-side scripts for the development and maintenance of web applications, but also creative activities such as planning the design and architecture. Web developers are thus a true eierlegende Wollmilchsau, because in reality they mostly take over the tasks of web designers plus.

They are the professionals behind the website, holding together all the threads in the back and front end as well as databases, and keeping track of technical and visual aspects. They have an interface function. They mediate between the wishes and requirements of customers and colleagues from Marketing, Sales & Co. This requires extensive analyses. The implementation of automated tests as well as server- and/or browser-side codes is also part of your daily work. The goal is to ensure that all users can work smoothly and that the external effect is given.

Tasks at a glance:

  • Performing requirements analysis

  • Conception of software design and architecture

  • Creation of database design, connection to databases

  • Programming server-side scripts and interfaces between different systems

  • Implementation of tests

  • Frontend/client developer and backend/server developers

  • Implementation Maintenance, operation, further development of web applications

Our tip: Specializations pay off and are in trend.

Possible specializations are:

  • Architects

  • Programmers

  • Database Specialist

  • Framework specialist

What skills are required?

The list of important hard and soft skills is long, very long. After all, the job of a web developer is versatile, creative, varied and full of different people bustling around the individual fields of activity. Boredom? Not a chance. In addition, there is the daily balancing act of nerdy programming and creative design. Web developers work in teams and have contact with customers. Social skills, the ability to talk and empathy are therefore a must in their toolbox. The perfect look and feel of the website requires a keen sense of the users' needs. This means that in addition to a wealth of ideas and an aesthetic sense, listening is also important.

Skills of Web Developers:

  • Programming and scripting languages such as Java, JavaScript, Python and PHP

  • SQL databases such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL or Oracle

  • SEO basics

  • Agile development principles such as Scrum and Kanban

  • Graphical, aesthetic sense

  • Problem-solving skills, frustration tolerance, and a willingness to learn

  • Strong interpersonal skills

What does a web developer earn?

Like the job itself, the salary is like a colorful bouquet of flowers. Because as a web developer, there is no such thing as a typical job. The great thing about it is that everyone can choose their own job depending on their type. Freelance in permanent work mode directly from the world trip out of the campervan, in a large corporation or remotely in a start-up: everything is possible. Salaries vary accordingly. These differences are compounded by regional and industry-specific differences and professional experience. Career starters and IT career changers usually start with around 32,000 euros per year. The more experience and the larger the employer or, in the case of freelancers, the client, the higher the salary. Especially for freelancers, the margins are good and the earnings prospects correspondingly lucrative. Top salaries can sometimes exceed 50,000 or even 60,000 euros and more. The appropriate specialization counts here, because in large companies, both front-end and back-end developers, mobile developers and full-stack coders work in web development. Become a IT-multitalent now!

For all those with ZERO IT plan, but with a lot of desire to do it yourself and discover new territory, we have the perfect thing: our new fische Web Development Bootcamp. In just 12 weeks we will make you a Master of Internet, the ruler of the WorldWideWeb, the queen of websites. After this advanced IT training, you'll know how to code responsive websites and apps mobile first, while mastering UX/UI skills and working practices that are in demand at top companies. The result: You'll code your way to job heaven and choose your own jobs and employers in the future.

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