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Further training for part-time soldiers

At the end of every regular soldier's term of service, the question arises as to what to do next in his or her personal career in civilian life. Here we offer an attractive alternative to often lengthy training or continuing education measures: Our boot camps are an extremely efficient and practice-oriented further training for temporary soldiers who want to enter the digital economy.

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Further training after service

Further training after service: into civilian working life with our bootcamp

Retraining or further training is an excellent opportunity for soldiers to make a seamless transition into civilian working life after their military career. Measures of this kind are favored by the fact that the Bundeswehr has a great interest in this transition and supports retiring soldiers in this endeavor accordingly. Preparation by the Bundeswehr Vocational Support Service usually begins while the soldier is still in service. Whether on-site training or a university degree via distance learning: with the help of continuing education programs, temporary soldiers can quickly and easily acquire additional qualifications that make them fit for the job market.

Current job market

There is a desperate need for skilled personnel in the current labor market, especially in the digital sector. The industry association BITKOM identified more than 51,000 vacancies for IT specialists in Germany alone. There is an acute shortage of qualified personnel in the areas of data science and web development in particular. Since digitization is advancing inexorably in all areas of business, this demand is expected to increase even further in the future. This is why these professions represent a great opportunity not only for people with an affinity for technology and computers - lateral entrants such as temporary soldiers also have excellent career prospects due to the digital transformation.

Why is "neuefische - School and Pool for Digital Talent" a good choice for temporary soldiers?

neuefische's training programs are characterized above all by their particularly efficient teaching methodology, which enables successful and practice-oriented training within a very short time - a real boot camp. Depending on the retraining and personal requirements, a well-founded further training course can be completed within just three months. In addition, there is close networking with civilian employers. As participants in the boot camp, former soldiers get to know potential employers who are always on the lookout for new talent. And you may even save yourself the trouble of writing a single job application! 

 By the way, as a soldier, you can pay for our bootcamps in most cases completely through the Vocational Support Service. You can find more information about the Berufsförderungsdienst der Bundeswehr (BFD) here.

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