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Looking for a Job in Germany? Defeat Unemployment with Bildungsgutschein and neuefische

11th March 2024

Unemployed and looking for a job ? Get upskilled and start your career!

In today's competitive job market, finding a new job in Germany can be daunting, particularly for those currently unemployed or seeking to pivot into sector like technology. However, innovative programs by the government such as Bildungsgutschein and tech bootcamps like those at neue fische offer viable pathways to not only gain entry into the tech industry but also to build a strong career in the same. Let's explore how these initiatives can be your stepping stones to a successful career in tech.

How to Find a Job in Germany if You’re Currently Unemployed

Navigating the job market in Germany, especially for the unemployed, can be challenging. However, the German government and various educational institutions offer several resources to support your job search. The Bildungsgutschein (education voucher) is one such resource, provided by the Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit), which covers the cost of training courses for individuals looking to upgrade their skills or pivot into new career fields like tech. Engaging with local job centers and leveraging platforms such as LinkedIn and Xing can also significantly enhance your job search.

Start a New Career in Tech Without Any Prior Experience!

Breaking into the tech industry might seem like a far-fetched idea without a background in the field, but that's where neue fische and its comprehensive bootcamps come into play. These intensive training programs are designed to take you from novice to job-ready in a matter of months, focusing on the most in-demand skills in the tech industry today, such as web development, data science, and more. With a curriculum that emphasizes practical, project-based learning, neue fische equips you with the hands-on experience needed to launch your tech career.

Learn About a Variety of Programs in Tech with us

neue fische offers a range of bootcamps tailored to meet the burgeoning demand for tech talent across various sectors. Whether you're interested in becoming a software developer, a data analyst, or a UX/UI designer, neue fische has a program for you. These courses are designed with industry relevance in mind, ensuring that graduates emerge with the skills employers are actively seeking.

Choose a program for yourself today –

  • Web Development

  • Java Development

  • AWS Cloud Computing

  • Data Science

  • Data Analytics

  • Data Part-Time

  • UX/UI Design

  • IT Project Management

  • Web Development Part-Time

Why Should I Choose neue fische?

Choosing neue fische for your tech education comes with numerous benefits:

  • Industry-Relevant Curriculum

neue fische’s courses stand out because of their dynamic curriculum, which is meticulously designed and regularly updated to align with the latest industry standards and technological advancements. This ensures that as a student, you are learning the most current practices, tools, and programming languages that are in high demand across the tech industry. By focusing on the skills that employers are actively seeking, neue fische positions its graduates at the forefront of potential job candidates, making them highly desirable in the job market.

  • Project-Based Learning

One of the core tenets of neue fische’s educational approach is its emphasis on project-based learning. This methodology goes beyond theoretical knowledge, pushing students to apply what they’ve learned in practical, real-world scenarios. Through working on projects that mimic actual tech industry challenges, students develop a portfolio of work that demonstrates their problem-solving abilities, creativity, and proficiency with new technologies. This hands-on experience not only solidifies their understanding of complex concepts but also prepares them for the types of tasks they will encounter in their future careers, enhancing their confidence and capabilities.

  • Networking Opportunities

neue fische offers more than just education; it provides a gateway into the tech community through unparalleled networking opportunities. Students gain access to an extensive network of tech professionals, alumni, and partner companies, opening doors to mentorship, collaboration, and employment possibilities. These connections are invaluable for career growth and can often lead to job offers and collaborations that might not be accessible through traditional job search methods. Being part of neue fische’s community means being part of a supportive ecosystem that fosters professional relationships and encourages continuous learning and development.

  • Career Support

The commitment to student success at neue fische extends beyond the classroom, offering comprehensive career support services designed to ease the transition into the workforce. This includes resume and LinkedIn profile workshops tailored to the tech industry’s expectations, mock interviews to sharpen your presentation and negotiation skills, and exclusive hiring events that connect students directly with companies looking for fresh talent. This level of support not only prepares students for the job market but also significantly enhances their chances of securing employment soon after graduation. The career services team at neue fische works tirelessly to ensure that graduates are not just educated but are truly job-ready, equipped with the tools, knowledge, and network to launch successful careers in tech

How Will Bildungsgutschein Help Me Get a Job?

The Bildungsgutschein program plays a pivotal role in your journey into the tech industry by removing financial barriers to education. If you're eligible, this voucher will cover the full cost of your training program, including course fees, materials, and sometimes even accommodation and travel expenses. By financing your tech education, the Bildungsgutschein enables you to focus entirely on learning and skill development, significantly boosting your employability in the tech sector.

How neue fische Supports Job Seekers: Combining Bildungsgutschein with neue fische

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Bildungsgutschein for neue fische Courses

Bildungsgutschein is a voucher issued by the German Employment Agency (Agentur für Arbeit) that covers the cost of training for eligible individuals. To use it for a neue fische course:

  1. Check Eligibility: Ensure you meet the criteria set by the Employment Agency, which often includes being unemployed or at risk of unemployment.

  2. Consultation: Schedule a consultation with your local Employment Agency to discuss your career goals and interest in a tech boot camp.

  3. Select a Course: Choose a Neue Fische course that aligns with your career objectives.

  4. Application: Apply for the Bildungsgutschein, presenting your chosen course and explaining how it will enhance your employability. Your advisor will guide you through the application process, which involves demonstrating how the chosen program will enhance your job prospects.

  5. Enrollment: Once approved, enroll in the neue fische program using your Bildungsgutschein to cover the cost and start learning!

Embarking on a new career path in Germany, particularly in the tech industry, is an exciting journey filled with opportunities for growth and innovation. With the support of the Bildungsgutschein program and the comprehensive training provided by neue fische, you're well-equipped to navigate the transition into tech, regardless of your previous experience. The time to act is now—unlock your potential and start your journey towards a fulfilling career in tech today.

If you would prefer to look around the employment agency platform first, we have an article here on how you can use the job offers effectively.

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