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Educational leave: learn (IT) on vacation and additionally boost your career

4th July 2023

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What is educational leave? Who is paying? How does it work? You can read all the answers and much more here.

Your day looks like yesterday and the day before yesterday and the day before... Well, you've actually been doing the same thing for ages, shimmying from vacation to vacation and looking for... Yeah, you don't actually know either. Then the time is definitely ripe for your educational leave and career boost!

What is educational leave?

Educational leave is, in part, comparable to regular leave, as employers are legally required to give employees PAID leave for further education. This is five days per year or ten days every two years. You only pay for the further training - you get your full salary as you would on "normal" vacation.

Attention: Education is a state matter. Specifically: In Saxony and Bavaria there is no educational leave and depending on the federal state, other terms such as educational time or leave of absence are used. The specifications may also vary in some cases. If you have any specific questions, just let us know.

Everyone has the right to educational leave. You too!

Why is it called educational leave?

Guessed correctly! You're not lying on the beach and you're not sipping cocktails. You're not going on a city trip either. Rather, you learn what you've always wanted to try but never had the time. So you continue to educate yourself in what interests you. The content of the educational leave can be freely selected. No direct reference to the profession is required.

Would you like a small example?
You are a beautician or work in retail. Actually you like your job. Actually neither. You're secretly flirting with something else. Maybe something in the direction of IT, because you've heard that the working conditions are pure paradise. That's right! Remote work with free time management with great career prospects: Your future could look like this. Got curious? Then register with us and together we will find the right bootcamp for you.

Conditions for paid learning

The requirements vary slightly depending on the state.
However, the most important things are:

  • You have been in permanent employment for at least six months.

  • You are employed in a federal state that offers educational leave.

  • You have selected further training from a provider that is recognized.

We at neue fische are licensed for educational leave in Hamburg... and by the sea.... Like by the sea? With us you can complete your educational leave remotely while sipping cocktails in the sun.

P.S.: By the way, Hamburg is the leader when it comes to “Lifelong Learning” and leads all other federal states.

3 Steps to your educational leave

Step 1: Select your educational offer.

Step 2: Apply for your educational leave at your company at least six weeks before the start.

Step 3: Let's learn... Let's code...

40 years old - and very trendy

For real. Paid educational leave has been around since 1974. So how come everyone is suddenly talking about it (including us)? This is because the constant further development of one's own (IT) skills has never been as important in the past 40 years as it is today. Lifelong learning, especially in your career, is the answer to the turbo transformation of our working world.

Vacation with a difference: Start your bootcamp

Interested in a taster course in IT Project Management? Or would you prefer Machine Learning Engineering? Let's go on a learning journey together and see how you can "code" your five days of educational leave. Simply register here.

What are you waiting for?

Apply today! Our Student Admissions team is happy to speak with you and answer any unanswered questions.

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