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IT project management as next career step: Further training as an interface between business and technology

9th July 2023

What characterizes IT project managers and which tool is essential for them?

IT projects need people to keep track of progress and task allocation, and this is where project managers come in. They coordinate IT teams and at the same time act as important contacts for questions. This article explains why such experts are urgently needed in companies.

This is what distinguishes IT project management

As previously mentioned, IT project managers act as team leaders while coordinating the flow of projects. They are also available to their employees if anything is unclear and can offer them help if necessary. If an IT project manager is to be able to lead specialists effectively, he must bring the relevant specialist career knowledge with him. He can acquire the latter in a bootcamp for IT Project Management, among other things, or deepen it there in a practical way.

The interfaces between business and technology are important for companies

Interfaces between technology and business are becoming increasingly important in companies. Because it is no longer enough to limit yourself to one aspect. If a technically demanding product is to find buyers on the market, its economic aspects must always be taken into account.

Experienced IT project managers are able to pay attention to both aspects. These experts thus represent an important interface between business and technology. So if a company wants to stand out from the competition, it should invest in such careers. It does not necessarily have to hire new employees for this, because it is now possible to have interested existing employees trained to become qualified experts. The highlight: Many further training courses can now be completed part-time or full-time in a very short time. They offer graduates attractive opportunities for advancement and for this reason many employees are happy to take advantage of them. This applies all the more if the employer supports and promotes the training.

The correct use of personnel and tools is essential

Every IT project manager faces the challenge of using IT staff and tools correctly. Only in this way is it possible to complete a project successfully. For this, the expert should know his team and the career skills of the employees exactly. Of course, it is also necessary to take into account the wishes of the staff.

A manager must also determine which tools will be used to manage the project. Consultation with the supervisor may be necessary in this regard. Of course, the IT project manager can also rely on their experience. The chosen approach always depends on the corporate culture.

That is why further training is important

In IT, in particular, there is a need for expert staff. Unfortunately, many companies today are faced with a shortage of skilled workers. However, some companies are currently using further training to rely on expertise from their own ranks. With the help of so-called "IT boot camps", employees have the opportunity to be trained to become practical IT experts in just a short time - even without previous knowledge. This makes the further training an ideal choice for beginners and career changers. Since the training is usually practice-oriented, all graduates are immediately ready for professional life.


It is almost impossible to imagine companies without IT project managers. This is especially true when the company in question is dealing with complex future tasks. An IT project manager maintains an overview of all tasks and is always available to advise his team on questions. Due to the growing shortage of skilled workers in IT, more and more companies are investing in further career training for their employees. With the help of our special boot camps in the field of IT project management, interested people can be trained as IT project managers in just a few weeks. Our team is happy to answer any questions.

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