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mein NOW - the national online portal for further training

28th April 2024

mein NOW is the new portal of the employment agency. Formerly known as Kursnet.

If you want to develop your career or reorient yourself, the "mein NOW" portal of the Federal Employment Agency is an excellent tool for you. Here you can use a variety of resources to help you plan your next career move carefully and well-informed. From further training opportunities and the search for suitable courses to detailed information on occupational fields and an overview of funding opportunities, "mein NOW" offers comprehensive support.

mein NOW further training

Let's start with the topic of further training. Mein NOW gives you access to a wide range of (further) training opportunities that are specifically designed to improve your skills and increase your chances on the labour market. Whether you want to deepen your knowledge in a profession you have already learned or acquire completely new qualifications, here you will find courses offered by recognised training providers. These further training measures can often be supported by financial assistance from the Federal Employment Agency, which makes it easier for you to start them without major financial burdens.

You can also use an online test to check your digital skills and find out which further training could be a good fit for your current job.

mein NOW the Kursnet 2.0

"mein NOW" is the Kursnet 2.0, so to speak, and is a particularly valuable resource. This platform allows you to search for specific courses that match your needs and interests. You can filter by keywords, location, education provider or even the type of qualifications the courses offer. This makes it easy to find exactly the right training courses that will help you pave your career path. "mein NOW" is clearly laid out so you can navigate quickly and efficiently without getting lost in a flood of information.

mein NOW and the Federal Employment Agency

My Now and the Federal Employment Agency also give you direct access to a wide range of services offered by the Federal Employment Agency. These include not only further training and retraining courses, but also counselling services that can help you make decisions about your professional future. The advisors at the Agentur für Arbeit specialise in developing individual career plans and can offer you valuable insights and advice on how best to achieve your career goals. You can find a guide to the wide range of services offered by the Agentur der Arbeit here.

It is important that you regularly update your profile on "mein NOW". Keep your skills, experience and career preferences up to date so that you don't miss out on the opportunities that best match your ambitions. The portal also offers the opportunity to make direct contact with training providers and employers, which can significantly improve your chances of a successful reorientation or further training.

In conclusion, the Employment Agency's mein NOW is a dynamic and user-friendly portal that gives you all the tools you need to progress in your career. Use mein NOW and the other resources to actively shape your career path and realise your professional dreams. It's never too late to embark on a new path or acquire additional qualifications that will improve your career prospects. A career change is also always an option to positively change your career path and make a fresh start. Our bootcamps offer you the perfect option to get you ready to enter the tech industry in the shortest possible time.

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