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21st June 2023

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Software developers don't live to work, they work to live. The key message: work-life balance.

Sleep in. Sleep in for a very long time. Every day. Not just at the weekend. Welcome to the world of developers, where the workday doesn’t usually start until 10 AM.

Think that's unfair? It probably is. But that's not all. There are a lot of (unfair) advantages that come with a developer career in the tech industry.

Why? Because developers are extremely sought after on the job market. That's why even career changers can really clean up, not just financially but also in terms of work-life balance.

5 (unfair) advantages of developer jobs

1. Better Salary
The average salary for developers in Germany keeps rising and rising. Compared to the previous year, the salary in 2022 rose by a whopping 3.6% - from an average of €66,583 to €68,996. Sure, we’re still a long way from the gigantic salary jumps in the US of up to 100 % - even in the leading developer area. But what is not, really....

2. Lots of Variety
The job of a software developer is evolving every day, bringing variety and adventure into the career. Developers also tend to be "programmed" to solve problems and programming is a way to satisfy this need. The tasks make up a gigantic puzzle composed of many different code snippets and, of course, there’s a new puzzle every day.

3. Higher Job Satisfaction
Software developers often see their job as a vocation. They love what they do and are generally more satisfied with their work conditions than those in other jobs. This is showcased in Honeypot’s  Developer Happiness Index. According to this index, happiness is constituted of four main factors: career, quality of life, social freedom and community. Developers in Germany report a higher percentage of satisfaction in all happiness indicators than the global average. When it comes to the indicators related to social freedom, developers in Germany are even happier.

4. Healthy Work-Life Balance
Even before the advent of New Work, the work-life balance offered by jobs in the tech sector was impressive. Since work is reliant on only one thing - a laptop - there are almost limitless possibilities for where work can be conducted.

It's not just the place of work, though. Developers are also able to choose their working hours and how they want to work - whether it’s home office or a mixture of remote and on-site; as a permanent employee or as a freelancer: everything is possible.

In addition, the job offers great advantages for working parents. Part-time, job-sharing or job tandem, developers have a perfect basis to negotiate what works best for them.

5. Worldwide Community
Developers all over the world are one big community. This is demonstrated when taking a look at the most popular platforms the community uses to communicate: most have a GitHub account and a profile on Stack Overflow. As a software developer, you’ll have countless new friends all over the world just a click away.

Whether it's for tech questions or just to chat: you'll get an answer 24/7. Just test it!

Hack your Health: Become a Software Developer

Over 1 million people in Germany are already working beyond the age of 65. And the trend is rising. When living longer also means working longer, it makes sense to invest in getting a job that’s the right fit.

So start now with our 12-week Web Development Bootcamps! You’ll enjoy a fulfilled career, and get rid of all these unfair disadvantages.

It's time to develop your life!  🌈

If you would like more information about well-paying jobs, take a look here.

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