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Education must be affordable. And for everyone. That's why we offer three ways in which you can finance your bootcamp with us - guaranteed and very simple. Whether it's through an education voucher, a fair and transparent financing partner, or self-financed. Take a look at the options and contact us so that we can find the best way together!

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Option #1


We invest in you. Fair & transparent. You only pay when you can afford it. From the salary you earn in your first job after your training with us. No job, no fee. Really? Yes, really.

Option #2

Education voucher

Get the bootcamp paid for by the employment office: If you meet the necessary requirements, the education voucher entitles you to participate in our certified training without having to pay for the costs.

Option #3

Immediate payment

You have saved the money or you get a private loan for your further education? Either way, of course you can pay for the bootcamp yourself to attend. Because: an investment in your own education always pays off.



Why financing options?
We are convinced that good education should not fail because of funding. Our training courses are not cheap, but they are worth the price, because we employ top-class coaches for your training and, as a private institution, we do not receive any government subsidies. Of course, we know that a fee of several thousand euros is not so easy to raise. That's why, from the very beginning, we have tried to find funding partners to help even those who make it through our demanding entrance tests but don't have the financial means to pay for our training. Our motto: We want the best students, not the richest. Contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

Our Pay-Later model
We invest in you. Why? Because you deserve it. Because if you make it through our selection process, you'll make it into the job. We believe in that. Together with our financing partner, Chancen eG, we were the first bootcamp in Germany to launch an innovative late payment model in 2018. Here, you pay only when you can afford it: From your salary that you receive in your first job after your bootcamp with us. You will only have to pay what you can pay - that is, a part of your income that you actually earn, and only in such a way that it does not burden you. Unlike a loan, there is no risk of not being able to pay or suffering from rigid repayment obligations. Instead, you can study unencumbered, start your job motivated after your training and give your best there.

Do you want to pay directly? No Problem.
With all the opportunities we have created, you can of course pay yourself. Because depending on the camp, the tuition fee varies between EUR 7,900 and EUR 8,900. After all, an investment in education is always a good thing. No matter if after high school, after graduation or in between jobs. With us, you'll learn the languages of the future, become part of an exciting community, be perfectly positioned - and actively participate in the digitalization that is moving so many industries. Now and in the future.

Certified education provider
We are proud to be certified as an education provider since 2018. To achieve this certification, all our processes go through an annual quality assurance, which ensures that we adhere to these processes and our goals. Your advantage: the certification also allows us to redeem a so-called education voucher, which you can receive from the employment agency or even the job center (they also have a contact person for academics), if a need for further education can be proven with you. Especially if you are on short-time work due to the Corona pandemic or have even lost your job and want to use your time to become more digital, this is a really good thing. For us, the cooperation with the employment agency is a very important topic - because this is how we make Germany more digital together. We will be happy to advise you in a personal meeting on whether an education voucher is an option for you.

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