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How to get started in the tech industry in just 12 weeks

Most of our alumni have already worked in other jobs before their boot camp and bring various soft skills and qualifications with them, which they either develop further or learn from scratch. The fact is: Switching to the tech industry is no longer a rarity, because the majority of IT professionals currently come from non-tech or other tech jobs. A study by McKinsey confirms that people working in IT for the first time can increase their skills by more than 50 percent and open up completely new options for employers. It is smart to be open to employees who are reinventing themselves: this is how you defy the shortage of skilled workers and are more flexible internally. However, what is urgently needed for a change to IT is a high level of motivation and commitment - we take care of this when pre-selecting the bootcamp participants. Win win for everyone.

These bootcamps are completed by our participants

neue fische web development bootcamp cgi

Web Development Bootcamp

Practical projects and ongoing mentoring from top coaches enable our participants to learn the required tech stack (including HTML, CSS, JavaScript and React) and then work as a web developer.

neue fische data analytics bootcamp cgi

Data Analytics Bootcamp

Understanding business problems and turning them into mathematical tasks - that's what our participants learn in the bootcamp. The focus is on data visualization with Tableau and processing using APIs and SQL, as well as machine learning modelling.

IT Project Management Bootcamp

In the bootcamp, participants learn how to manage IT projects successfully and efficiently using agile methods and relevant tools.

neue fische data science bootcamp cgi

Data Science & AI Bootcamp

Our participants learn how to transform data into relevant information using Python and machine learning and how to solve problems in a practice-oriented way through first-class coding.

AWS Cloud Development bootcamp CGI

AWS Cloud Computing Bootcamp

Our participants learn how to develop complex AWS cloud infrastructures in a highly available and fault-tolerant manner. The AWS course focuses on data security, automation with Python, system monitoring and analysis of log files.

neue fische java bootcamp cgi

Java Development Bootcamp

Object-oriented programming (OOP) and writing extensible Java code are the focus topics in this bootcamp. Java developers understand the interaction between backend and frontend. Focus areas: APIs, frameworks, libraries.

data practitioner neue fische bootcamp

Data Part-Time Bootcamp

As a gold digger for data, participants learn skills related to data processing and modeling as well as techniques for presenting results in the best possible way.

UX/UI Design Bootcamp

Our participants acquire and deepen their knowledge in the areas of user research, interface design, design thinking & user-centered design, prototyping, design systems and user testing.

Our talent app

Your digital talent pool

This is how you recruit tech talent today: digitally, clearly, in our talent app. Find your perfect match among 1.500+ job-seeking candidates in the fields of web, Java and AWS cloud development, UX/UI design or data. Meaningful profiles of graduates, including their skills and journeymanship, make the selection easy and convenient. Alumni can also be filtered by criteria - those who are not looking for a job will also be displayed as unavailable. In this way, you can contact candidates accurately at any time and it is completely GDPR-compliant, since the e-mail address is only released when the desired candidates respond. Sounds dreamy? It is! Try it now.

Become a partner in 4 steps


Make a request

Make a non-binding request in our contact form and receive an appointment proposal within 24 hours.


Discuss plans

In a 45-minute introductory meeting, we will clarify together how we can currently support you in personnel planning.


Conduct technical discussion

Let's talk together with your tech area to understand and specify the detailed requirements.


Get started together

After the technical discussion, you will receive an offer from us to work together within a few days.


Really good questions, helpful answers

We prepare you for the digital future. 

There are various options to benefit from a partnership with us:

  • Rectuiting: Find new motivated employees for your company in our talent pool.

  • Reskilling: Offer your own employees the opportunity to develop in a different direction, e.g. to fill a new position.

  • Upskilling: Offer your own employees the opportunity to deepen or improve certain skills, e.g. to reach a higher position.

With us you offer your employees the opportunity to develop themselves further and thus increase the general satisfaction in the company as well as the employee retention.

That depends on your expectations and wishes. Let's talk personally and work out an individual solution for you and your company.

There are two ways to get in touch with graduates directly:

1. Talent App: As a partner, you will get access to the profiles of our students and alumni, so you can contact them directly via our messaging function.

2. Events: At our graduation and networking events, you can engage in personal exchange with our graduates.

Contact us for more information.

The Talent App gives you access to the profiles of our students and alumni and allows you to contact them directly via the message function. The operation is very simple and intuitive.

Features at a glance:

  • Overview of all new fish (and SPICED) students and graduates

  • Filter function by: Bootcamp, full-time/part-time availability, status (job-seeking/employed), location/remote, languages

  • Direct contact with students and graduates

  • Traceability of multiple messages within a company

  • Overview of all upcoming final events

  • Access to all final event pages

At regular intervals, there are special event formats at which you, as a partner company, can exchange ideas with alumni. Your contact person at the company will keep you informed about upcoming events.

Our partnership and a good cooperation is very important to us.

Would you like to be even closer to our alumni in order to find the right candidates for your company? No problem: Together, we will create individual solutions for your employer branding.

Our graduates are characterized by many things, but above all by their enthusiasm for coding and a high intrinsic motivation to take the step into IT. Is it important to you to find people who will support your company in the long term and with motivation? Talk to us!

So-called "hard and soft skills".

In addition to the programming languages and the general tech stack, which we teach in the bootcamps depending on the topic, it is also important to us to prepare our students for agile teamwork. Because this is more in demand than ever in top companies today. This starts with the collaboration with randomly selected partners in daily coding, and continues with the morning presentation of the results, up to the ability to solve problems in a team in a structured way.

Our Admissions Team already starts the selection process of the candidates during the bootcamp application. In the interview, factors such as motivation, perseverance, teamwork, social skills and language skills are examined. Subsequently, the candidates have to pass a test that gives us an assessment of their previous knowledge in the respective programming language.

Of course, we also pay attention to the development of our students during the ongoing bootcamp process and hold regular feedback sessions. In the course of career and CV sessions, the candidates are also prepared for possible job interviews at our partner companies.

The participants are the focus of every bootcamp: In order to ensure the training quality and satisfaction of each individual, various mechanisms are applied:

  • Regular one-on-one meetings (1:1) between coaches and participants: Here, the learning progress as well as upcoming main topics are discussed and possible questions are clarified.

  • The general well-being of the team as well as the situation of each individual is discussed with the study supervisor. 

  • Weekly anonymous feedback is obtained and taken into account to ensure a high quality of training as well as satisfaction of the participants. 

  • Our coaching team always keeps the knowledge up to date, through continuous coaching with the latest versions of technologies. 

All this and much more ensures that the high quality of all our bootcamps have been certified by the Hanseatic Certification Agency.

Our coaching team lives the concept of “lifelong learning”: Our coaches are continuously educating themselves didactically and technically. Besides the passion for coding, they love to teach. They are accomplished, personable and the best for the job. Our coaches also come from industry and understand the needs of companies (IT skills) very well.

All of our bootcamps are continuously supervised by our coaching teams.
The coaches are present throughout the entire course: whether live in the lecture in front of the camera or during group work. They can be contacted at any time and are actively available to answer questions in the group rooms. When it comes to neue fische no one is left behind.

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