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Upskilling: Deepen the knowledge of your employees

According to Accenture, more than 1 billion employees need to be equipped with new skills by 2025. neue fische is helping with upskilling.
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Upskilling, also known as expanding skills, is one of the most important processes in today's working world. She helps companies stay competitive and employees upgrade their skills to stay relevant to their employer. Digitization, but also the growing skills gap caused by the pandemic, are the biggest drivers of upskilling: According to an Accenture study, around 1 billion employees will have to be equipped with new skills by 2025. That's where we come in - as your upskilling partner, we offer you tailor-made training to improve the skills and knowledge of your employees in a total of 1,800 hours of tech training. Tailor-made to suit your needs. Invest in your staff now and take your business to the next level. Let's code!

The advantages of our upskilling at a glance

Better employee retention
Show that you care about your employees and their future.
Higher productivity
Develop interface positions in detail to promote understanding of the requirements.
Flexible collaboration
Whether part-time or full-time and on site or remotely. We will find a suitable solution together.
Individual solution
We work with you to develop an adapted curriculum and find your solution.

These bootcamps are completed by our participants

neue fische web development bootcamp cgi

Web Development Bootcamp

Practical projects and ongoing mentoring from top coaches enable our participants to learn the required tech stack (including HTML, CSS, JavaScript and React) and then work as a web developer.

neue fische data analytics bootcamp cgi

Data Analytics Bootcamp

Understanding business problems and turning them into mathematical tasks - that's what our participants learn in the bootcamp. The focus is on data visualization with Tableau and processing using APIs and SQL, as well as machine learning modelling.

IT Project Management Bootcamp

In the bootcamp, participants learn how to manage IT projects successfully and efficiently using agile methods and relevant tools.

neue fische data science bootcamp cgi

Data Science & AI Bootcamp

Our participants learn how to transform data into relevant information using Python and machine learning and how to solve problems in a practice-oriented way through first-class coding.

AWS Cloud Development bootcamp CGI

AWS Cloud Computing Bootcamp

Our participants learn how to develop complex AWS cloud infrastructures in a highly available and fault-tolerant manner. The AWS course focuses on data security, automation with Python, system monitoring and analysis of log files.

neue fische java bootcamp cgi

Java Development Bootcamp

Object-oriented programming (OOP) and writing extensible Java code are the focus topics in this bootcamp. Java developers understand the interaction between backend and frontend. Focus areas: APIs, frameworks, libraries.

data practitioner neue fische bootcamp

Data Part-Time Bootcamp

As a gold digger for data, participants learn skills related to data processing and modeling as well as techniques for presenting results in the best possible way.

UX/UI Design Bootcamp

Our participants acquire and deepen their knowledge in the areas of user research, interface design, design thinking & user-centered design, prototyping, design systems and user testing.

neue fische java bootcamp cgi

Induvidual solution

We have capacities and competences to set up the bootcamp according to the customer's wishes. Together we create concepts and ideas.

Become a partner in 4 steps


Make a request

Make a non-binding request in our contact form and receive an appointment proposal within 24 hours.


Discuss plans

In a 45-minute introductory meeting, we will clarify together how we can currently support you in personnel planning.


Conduct technical discussion

Let's talk together with your tech area to understand and specify the detailed requirements.


Get started together

After the technical discussion, you will receive an offer from us to work together within a few days.


Really good questions, helpful answers

Would you like to train your employees? Great! The easiest way is to send them to one of our existing boot camps. Most of our full-time boot camps last 3 months. There are some that can be completed part-time in 6 months. Brand new: Our boot camps "Machine Learning Engineering" and "IT Project Management" only last 4 weeks. However, we can also find an individual solution with a suitable duration for you.

Currently we offer the following bootcamps:

  • Web Development

  • Java Development

  • AWS Cloud Computing

  • Data Science

  • Data Analytics

  • Data Part Time

  • UX/UI Design

  • Machine Learning Engineering (4 weeks)

  • IT Project Management (4 weeks)

The answer is quite simple: Yes! The bootcamp is too long, the content doesn't fit perfectly or you have another solution in mind? Contact us and we will find an individual solution tailored to your needs.

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We help your business grow

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