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Why the world needs Data Experts - this is your career opportunity

23rd June 2023

Data is hard cash and creates competitive advantages. 3 reasons why data experts are indispensable.

Big data, big money. This is at least true for companies that have shaped themselves into data-driven organisations through digitalisation. Companies that strategically process data with the help of Data Science and Data Analytics experts collect, analyse and interpret it to better understand what has happened and, above all, what will happen.

The majority of German companies, however, are still not leveraging the potential of Data Science and Data Analytics. This is due to a lack of know-how, as well as a lack of IT specialists careers.

But don't worry. The latter is our speciality at Neue Fische, as we train Data Scientists and Data Analysts in their careers and tailor their skillset to the needs of each company, filling the empty pond of IT specialists with brand new fish. This is therefore not the crux of the matter. The biggest issue remains the lack of know-how. In this article, we identify three compelling arguments for why data experts are indispensable to unlocking the full potential of data.

3 reasons to hire data experts now

1. Enhancing process efficiency and automation of daily operations
More efficient processes, more transparent structures, improved planning and accelerated ways of working: all this is made possible with Data Analytics and Data Science. Through an intelligent data strategy, in which the collected data is made usable, processes and, ultimately, work itself can be improved at different points in each department. Whether in logistics, production, marketing or else, errors are reduced and problems can be avoided or at least detected earlier.

Want an example? In economically and politically unstable times, companies have to react quickly to all eventualities or, ideally, counteract them with foresight. Data Analytics enables the early detection of potential disruptive factors in real-time and in each specific context. Real-time analyses are particularly relevant for the optimal planning of production and personnel. Furthermore, targeted decision-making processes are possible through the integration of datasets to see an overall picture of all variables in real-time. Without this, companies put their future success at risk. It is better to act on data-supported decisions, instead of relying on gut instincts.

2. Understanding data means understanding customers
Customer satisfaction is a fundamental component of success. The key to this lies in customer data. Without data know-how, customer data is worthless. Whether needs, wishes, buying habits, decision drivers or expectations, all this is hidden behind the numbers. Numbers provide all the important customer insights. Modern, data-driven companies like Amazon, Facebook or Nike thrive on this customer data. They score with customer-specific and partly personalised products and services. Every customer gets exactly the offer that is perfect for them.

Data experts help to get to know a company’s customers in-depth in order to react more specifically to their requirements. Consider even just the field of marketing alone, with its targeted personalised customer approach - none of this would be possible without data.

3. Diamond data instead of big data
Data Analysts and Data Scientists filter only relevant information from the immense mountains of data. In other words, they extract the data diamonds. This relieves not only the data infrastructure but also the budget. They then process this streamlined data in a manner that allows everyone involved to draw the maximum benefit. To use the technical term, they conduct ‘data mining’. Patterns and correlations become clear, allowing conclusions and predictions to be drawn. Sometimes, completely new avenues for action are highlighted. All business decisions are thus based less than ever on assumptions and more on data knowledge. Theories and models can also be verified in this way. In short: data experts bring light into the data darkness in their career and expand the horizon for initiatives and solutions.


Data experts turn mass data into class data. They generate competitive advantages. They provide valuable insights towards effective decision-making. Data experts open up entirely new development opportunities to organisations.

With Neue Fische, you get data professionals tailored exactly to your needs.

Get in touch and let us train the data masters of tomorrow for your company in just 12 weeks! 🌈 Find out more information about Data Science Bootcamps.

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