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Data Science Bootcamp in Hamburg

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Sep 23, 2024
Welcome to our Data Science & AI Bootcamp at our Hamburg campus. Immerse yourself in the realm of Python, Machine Learning, and AI, mastering the art of solving real-world challenges with cutting-edge tools and technologies.

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Become a Data Scientist and take your career to the next level

Ready to dive into the world of data science? Join us on campus in Hamburg for our 12-week Online Data Science & AI Course. Whether you're aiming to transition into industry, master AI and Machine Learning, or enhance your data skills, this course is your gateway. You'll delve into Python, Machine Learning, AI, neural networks, and industry-leading methods and frameworks. Plus, you'll hone your data visualization and communication skills, ensuring you're fully prepared for a successful career in Data Science.

Hybrid Data Scientist Bootcamp: Learn to maximize the value of your data with Data Science

Join our Data Science Bootcamp in Hamburg for a comprehensive learning experience. With two top coaches, you'll receive 540 hours of instruction, real-world assignments, and 1:1 feedback sessions. Gain essential skills in agile methods, presentations, and soft skills to prepare for the job market. Collaborate on a digital capstone project and receive interview training and career coaching for post-bootcamp success. Connect with coaches and peers on campus for collaborative learning and networking. Ready to launch your Data Science career? Join us in Hamburg!

Who is our Data Science Bootcamp in Hamburg designed for?

At our Hamburg campus, we're on a mission to democratize Data Science and AI education. Whether you're a natural scientist, economist, engineer, data analyst, marketer, or business analyst, our Data Science course is tailor-made for you. Dive into forward-looking technologies like Hugging Face and Machine Learning, and unlock the secrets of AI. Above all, if you're driven and motivated, you belong here! We embrace diversity and welcome everyone, regardless of background. Let's code together! 🌈 Explore more about the journey to becoming a data scientist in our latest blog article.


  • Full-Time: 12 weeks (Mo – Fr, 9am – 6pm)
  • Participants: approx. 15
  • Coaches: 2 per bootcamp
  • Course language: English
  • Graduation: Certificate "Data Scientist"
  • Location: Hamburg

Our coaches

Evgeny Savin

Head of Data Science and Data Analytics

Noa Tamir

Lead Coach Data Science

Tech Stack

Machine Learning
Agile methods
Time Series
Hugging Face
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Why learn Data science? Data Science salaries in Germany are often more than €56,000 per year.

Starting dates

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All data science & AI bootcamp participants can use our Hamburg campus to learn together and exchange ideas. We look forward to seeing you!

23rd Sep19th Dec ‘24




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This is what you learn in our Data Science & AI Bootcamp

Learn the basics of coding


Welcome to our Data Science & AI bootcamp! After a short introduction phase in which you get to know the coaches and other course participants, we start directly with learning the basic skills required for working in a Unix shell. In addition, you will quickly learn the general basics of the Python programming language, in which you will write and execute your first small programs. 

By using Git and Github, we will introduce you to modern and collaborative ways of working in the industry. This includes versioning code, as well as working together on the codebase, where we apply concepts like "branching" and "pull requests".

You will be acquainted with the historical development of AI and  what the relationship between Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Neural Networks is. Finally a overview of Data professions will be presented including the differences between data scientist and data analyst and the role of a data engineer. 

Advanced course 'exploratory data analysis'


Building on the first phase of your Data Science training, you will now become familiar with tools such as SQL and Pandas for extracting and manipulating data from various sources - these can be individual files, but also databases. After data manipulation, you will move on to Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), for which you will learn about different visualization libraries. 

This phase will conclude with a two-day project focused on EDA - based on real data sets, of course. With a focus on the business case, you will deliver tailored recommendations and meaningful visualizations to fictional stakeholders.

First things first: the machine learning basics

Machine Learning
Supervised Learning
Model Evaluation

Now, basic concepts of supervised learning, such as regression and classification, are covered. You will become familiar with how different models work, including linear and logistic regression, and learn about decision trees and support vector machines. You will also learn when which models are good to use and on which assumptions or simplifications the algorithms are based. 

Afterwards, we will teach you about model evaluation and which trade-offs you have to consider when building predictive models. You'll solidify everything you've learned in a 4-day machine learning group project that covers the entire data science lifecycle. Together, you'll set milestones and the goals of your data product while working collaboratively with Git and Github - then present to stakeholders*.

We dive deeper: advanced machine learning

Unsupervised learning
Dimensional reduction
Time series

Phase 4 of your Data Scientist training: With a basic understanding of statistical learning techniques and the underlying software implementation, you are now diving into more specialized methods, such as time series prediction.

In a world where much of the data generated is "unlabeled," it's important to also address the challenges of unsupervised learning. Therefore, in the Data Science course you will also get an introduction to the techniques used for this purpose, such as dimension reduction and clustering. 

Neural networks and their applications

Artifical Neural Networks
Natural Language Processing
Hugging Face

In order to also gain a good understanding of the concepts that are often referred to as "AI" today, you will receive an introduction to artificial neural networks in Phase 5 of the Data Science training. Building your own deep neural network will improve your understanding of the underlying processes and concepts. 

At this stage you will also get introduced to the concept of transfer learning and get acquainted with pre-trained model repositories such as ‘Hugging Face’.

In the course of this, typical application areas, such as natural language processing and related techniques, will also be covered. Then it's time for the final phase of your training to become a Data Scientist.

Your finale at the graduation event

Agile methods
Capstone project
Group work
Machine Learning Lifecycle

In order to apply what you've learned in practice and to deepen group work and collaboration even more, the final project provides context and time. Here you will work in small groups on a larger data science problem - from start to finish. Here, each team can choose to find their own problem, use publicly available datasets, or work with data from our corporate partners to solve a real-world business problem.

As a team, you'll develop a solution and regularly present interim results. In the process, you'll apply all your technical and agile skills and learn additional techniques tailored to the project. You made it! Congrats! 🙌🏼

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Study on an on-site campus

Do you need a change of scenery from your own four walls? Then simply use our location after consultation: Hamburg! Find out more here!

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Remote and flexible: our Bootcamps offer you everything you get at our locations - except the coffee. Check out all the benefits of our digital campus now.

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12 weeks Data Science Bootcamp starting from 9.500€*
*for self-paying persons

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Really good questions, helpful answers

You still have questions about the training, the prices, the financing, etc.? Then take a look here or contact us directly.

Our Data Science and AI course is suitable for numerous groups. Whether you’re reskilling, upskilling or just want to learn something new. Many participants come from business or academic backgrounds, but in the age of Data & AI, just about every industry is looking for people with the skills offered in our course. The most important thing? Motivation.

The price of our Data Science & AI course depends on the financing method you choose. For those investing in their education themselves, the tuition costs €9,500. However, if you’re unemployed, you can get the whole thing fully financed with the Agentur für Arbeit. Apply today and our Admissions team will be happy to guide you.

Here you'll find all relevant information about our financing options: pay immediately and pay yourself, or receive funding via an education voucher from the employment agency.

In our Data Scientist training you will learn everything you need to get started as a Data Scientist. You’ll learn Python, machine learning, neural networks, as well as the most common methods and frameworks from the industry. In addition, we will make you a professional in data visualization and communication with stakeholders - so you’re 100% ready for your new career as a Data Scientist.

In an era where digitization permeates every industry, the ability to harness and interpret data is paramount. As the currency of the future, data unlocks opportunities, empowering professionals to navigate the evolving landscape of customer behavior and strategic decision-making. By investing in a Data Science & AI Bootcamp, individuals not only enhance their skill set but also position themselves as indispensable assets in an increasingly data-driven world. Put simply? Data Scientists are in-demand.

Get trained as a data scientist and kickstart your career with a starting salary of around €55,000 per year. With no upper limits to earning potential, the demand for data scientists exceeds the supply, ensuring ample job opportunities.

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