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Data Science – Why Python should be your first choice

19th March 2024

Python has been at the forefront of data science, and for good reason!

Easy to learn

It is the ideal language for newcomers to the world of data science as it offers an easy-to-understand syntax that makes learning it almost seem like child's play.
Python comes with an extensive toolbox that makes it a feast for data enthusiasts. Whether you want to create colourful diagrams or juggle with data, Python is ideal for this. With libraries such as Pandas and Scikit-learn, you can quickly go from beginner to expert in the field of machine learning.

Robust analysis tools

Python also offers robust analysis tools, from comprehensive plotting libraries to feature-rich packages such as Pandas, which enable effective data manipulation and analysis. Scikit-learn makes it easy to get started with machine learning thanks to its intuitive design and extensive functionality.

Versatility and community

Python is known for its versatility and its ability to be used in various fields. Whether it's managing databases, creating websites or even developing games, Python makes it possible. Due to its open source nature, you are part of a large community that is constantly sharing ideas and resources to further develop the language.

Game changer in data science

Although Python may not be the fastest programming language, it has optimal performance thanks to its libraries and optimisations. Companies appreciate its adaptability, and with tools for web and app development, it can even be used to create the next big online platforms. Python is not only a game changer in data science, but also a ticket to a world of possibilities.

Career opportunities and salaries

Data science experts earn different salaries depending on their level of experience, skills, industry and geographical location.
In major cities such as London, Paris or Berlin, experienced professionals can earn annual salaries of between €60,000 and €120,000.
Overall, careers in data science offer attractive salaries and good development opportunities in a fast-growing industry.

Python is an integral part of the curriculum at neuefische's Data Science Bootcamp and is easy to learn in our Data Science Remote (live online) courses or live at the Hamburg campus together with other data enthusiasts.

For more information about the Data Science course and how to apply, just click here.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's rock the world of data together!


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