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Bildungsurlaub in Lower Saxony: Opportunities for IT Professionals

4th April 2024

Opportunity for further training with the help of educational leave. The state of Lower Saxony is helping.

Imagine a program that allows you to take a break from work to focus on learning something new, with the assurance that your job will be waiting for you. This is the essence of educational leave, offered to working professionals across Germany. It's designed to advance your career by developing new skills or deepening existing ones, whether you're interested in languages, technology, or anything in between.

In an era of rapid technological progress and faced with a growing shortage of skilled IT professionals, continuing education is becoming increasingly important. Lower Saxony also offers employees the opportunity to develop themselves through educational leave.

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Educational leave in Lower Saxony is available to all employees who have been in an employment relationship for at least six months. However, this offer does not apply to civil servants. With the option to take 5 days of educational leave annually – and the possibility to accumulate this entitlement over two years – Lower Saxony sends a strong message about the importance of lifelong learning.

The variety of topics for approved educational leave ranges from political education to professional development and training for voluntary activities. Particularly noteworthy are the offerings in the area of IT education. Coding bootcamps and specialized software development courses are essential as they directly address the shortage of skilled workers in the IT sector. These courses are available not only in-person but also as online or hybrid events, enabling flexible participation.

To benefit from the educational leave offers in Lower Saxony, interested parties must apply for their educational leave in Lower Saxony at least four weeks before the course starts. However, it's important to note that the entitlement to educational leave is limited to a maximum of 50% of the employees per year, necessitating early planning.

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The educational leave offerings in Lower Saxony for the year 2024 provide an excellent opportunity for IT professionals to further their education, thus not only expanding their personal competencies. By participating in recognized educational leaves, especially in emerging IT areas like coding bootcamps, employees demonstrate the importance of continuous education and adaptation to the rapidly changing demands of the digital world. Lower Saxony's initiative to promote educational leave as a tool for professional and personal development is a significant step towards a sustainable working world.

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