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IT & YOU - a perfect career- match

15th September 2022

We tell you why a career in IT is worthwhile for you (in every respect)!

Everyone's talking about IT and you're the only one who can't keep up?

It's time to change that and dive into the exciting and future-proof world of 1s and 0s. But is a career in IT worth it? And can you do it at all?

Let's start with the all-slaying question, "Who is the perfect IT person?" Because there is one. Mind you, "him" not "her." If not in the real professional world, the perfect IT person does exist in the minds of hundreds and thousands of people. It is this image that countless people reflexively recall when the word IT is mentioned. And as with all pigeonholes, all stereotypes and persistent clichés, reality rarely matches fiction. So: what are they, the most common prejudices? Here we have: Only men can do IT! The classic. Or how about: IT is boring, something for coding basement kids, a life in the middle of pizza boxes plus cold coffee - and all the newfangled stuff only young people can do anyway. Really now?

IT is an adventure land for coders and creators

First things first: The IT world is huge. Huge in the sense of global, with a large (digital) community that shares and supports each other. But it's also huge in the sense of diverse, because there are numerous different job descriptions. As in any other field of work, IT professions correspond to different types of people and demand corresponding skills. Would you like to see a small excerpt from the spectrum? Developers or programmers tend to be analysts, tinkerers and technicians. IT architects, data practitioners, and UX/UI designers tend to straddle the line between development, analysis, creation, and design. And then there are the IT consultants and security managers, who score particularly well with soft skills such as strong communication skills. They advise, explain and mediate between project participants. BUT beware: There are many more professions and each one comes in different forms. The great thing is that the IT world hides a seemingly infinite amount of career development potential. It's fascinating to see the variety of job titles, training paths and fields of activity that exist - even for you.
Since IT is one of the fastest growing and changing fields of work, there is definitely never a dull moment. Everything is constantly in flow. Standstill? Not a chance!

Who can do IT? And can you?

You can do IT - at least until proven otherwise. That's what more than 900 graduates of our bootcamps have shown. They all came in a roundabout way after a vocational training, a dropout, a dismissal or simply out of dissatisfaction with their job. They are all young, middle-aged, old. They all had little to no previous experience in programming. Because you don't need that for most of our bootcamps. You can also leave your certificates and grades at home.

All you need to start a bootcamp is courage, motivation and - depending on the course content - analytical understanding. Whether you have that, we will find out together in a selection process. Here we go!

Why is an IT career entry worthwhile?

Have you always wanted to be in short supply? Like a limited edition sneaker model that sells out before it even goes on sale? Or like a free front row berth on a gorgeous Mediterranean beach? After successfully completing one of our bootcamps, that's exactly what you'll be - in hot demand! IT career changers are lucratively courted by numerous companies. Then you'll be spoilt for choice, and we'll be happy to support you. We work with great employers who share our mindset. Whether it's ABOUT YOU, CHECK 24, Gruner + Jahr, Capgemini or Haiilo: they all appreciate the potential that lateral hires bring with them. They are convinced by diverse resumes, different perspectives on topics and, above all, they invest in the development of their employees careers. Due to the pressure of digitalization and demographic change, more and more companies are having to leave traditional recruiting paths and look to the left and right of the so-called "norm". There is a lot to be said for IT career changers: they are daring, goal-oriented and assertive; they are not afraid of detours and think around corners instead of just straight ahead; they recognize connections where others are still brooding. Exactly these people are needed. So why not become a frontend developer or a backend developer?!

DiversITy needs you!

Tomorrow's jobs will require less routine, more analytical thinking and human interaction. The key technologies of the future are data analytics, robotics, machine learning and computer vision. These require not only a high level of IT expertise and specialization, but also courageous people. Like you as an IT career changer.This is something that every one of our bootcamp graduates can use to score points on the job market. Exciting prospects await all IT Rockies, a working environment with room for design and development, with flexible working models and hours, with financial security and small "goodies".IT is a world that has room for coders and creators, that needs everyone who wants to create - instead of manage. There is only one thing that IT is not yet. COLORFUL! We want to change that. We are working for a diverse world, in which the cliché of the perfect IT person will soon exist and in which nobody is too old or has too many children. Let's code the rainbow. 🌈

Interested in UX/ UI Experience? Go for it!

If you would like to explore the job market first, we have developed a strategic guide for you here.

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