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New year, new job: 5 reasons why you should start your IT career

28th December 2022

We'll give you 5 reasons why switching to the IT industry is a good idea and how you can benefit from it.

New year, new job: 5 reasons why you should switch to the IT industry

Yes, 2022 will probably (for obvious reasons) not go down in history as everyone's favorite year - but 2023 is already just around the corner and can only get better. And perhaps this is exactly why now is the time to push for a career change with the new year. How about joining the IT industry, for example? We'll give you 5 reasons why this is an extremely good idea and how you can benefit professionally, privately and monetarily. Make 2023 your year - what are you waiting for?

1. You are in demand!

According to a study by Bitkom, the shortage of skilled IT workers has worsened in 2022: Around 137,000 IT positions - across all industries - are unfilled. Companies are therefore desperately looking for IT talent to support their teams and are outbidding each other in terms of both benefits and salary. So you can choose between many different companies and industries. Do you prefer a large corporation or a small agency? High-revenue financial services provider or casual start-up? Whatever it is: Appreciation is a top priority here, because as an IT professional you are a rare commodity and highly sought-after. According to Bitkom, HR professionals invest an average of 7.1 months to find a suitable specialist. Of course, this also gives you other good reasons to consider a change of job or a lateral move into IT.

2. Good money

You shouldn't talk about money? Well, but everything is getting more expensive, inflation has us firmly in its grip, but salaries have not been adjusted for most employees. The advantage of a job in the IT industry: even as a junior you can expect a high starting salary of 47,900 euros - and the trend is rising (fast)! Salaries also vary depending on specialization, industry and company size. By the way: According to get in IT, the states of Hamburg, Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and Hesse pay the best.

3. Flexibility? Yes, please.

Many companies offer IT professionals a particularly high degree of flexibility, because benefits like these often tip the scales. Flexible working hours, flextime, mobile working from abroad or in the home office, and modern equipment are just some of the employee benefits with which HR managers want to lure IT professionals. As a rare professional, you have great options here to shape your work-life balance just the way you like it. Sounds good, doesn't it?

4. On the safe side

This reason, too, is favored by the shortage of skilled workers, because comparably few professions are as secure in perspective as a job in the IT industry. Thanks to digitization, demand continues to rise - so not only will you find a job quickly, you won't have to worry about your professional future.

5. Fully versatile!

Don't worry, the cliché of the dusty basement kid who sits in front of the computer 24/7 is long gone. Today, there are many different areas of expertise that perfectly suit you and your skills: From data analysis to app implementation to creative design thinking. The door to the world of IT is open to you and brings with it many different tasks and areas of application. All you have to do is decide.


No matter with what intention you read this article - it is never too late to decide to enter your career the IT industry. Perhaps the turn of the year is just the right time to think about a new career start and then to tackle it. True to the motto "New year, new me", you can give your life a new twist and work in one of the most sought-after industries. Whether you are a soldier, a student, a parent or a full-time employee - we at neue fische are happy to support you in achieving your goals and will be happy to advise you without obligation. Whether you want to become a frontend developer, backend developer data analyst or Java developer - with the bootcamps of neue fische we will make you fit for your career in IT. Let's go! 🚀

If joining a bootcamp with us directly is not an option for you due to cost, you can also use your educational leave to complete a course. This information could help you on the topic:

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