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What do web developers actually do? A comprehensive job description.

1st August 2023

In an increasingly digitalized world, the job of a web developer plays a crucial role.

Web developers play a significant role in the digital world today. They are responsible for creating websites, web applications and other interactive platforms that enrich and revolutionize our everyday lives. Through their programming and problem-solving skills, they shape the online world and shape how we interact with the Internet. Their expertise is indispensable in meeting the demands of a digitized society and developing innovative solutions for the future. They are also revolutionizing the way we access information, shop, learn and communicate. It becomes clear: Without technological expertise, the modern online world would be unthinkable.

What are the tasks of a web developer? A job description

Boredom is out of place in this profession, because web developers must have a wide range of skills to do justice to their varied and demanding field of work. The most important languages that web developers should know are JavaScript, HTML and CSS. But also tools and libraries, such as React, provide additional efficiency to solve recurring tasks in a simplified way.

Mobile-first! In addition to programming new web applications, web developers in a mobile-first digital world ensure that their creations provide an optimal display and user experience on different devices (desktop, tablet, smartphone). In general, this career field requires the ability to identify problems and find innovative solutions.

The specific tasks and job description vary depending on the company or project. In general, however, web development tasks include the following.

Tasks at a glance:

  • Programming and further development of websites and web applications

  • Front-end development using relevant programming languages and technologies

  • Communication with and design of server APIs

  • Execution of tests & troubleshooting

  • Optimization of website performance

  • Identifying and closing potential security gaps

  • Working closely with other teams (e.g. design, SEO)

The future of the profession is promising. With the advent of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality and the Internet of Things, new opportunities and challenges are constantly opening up. But as with any other technological profession, the same is true here: The job description shows that Web developers continually need to keep up with new technologies, frameworks, and trends in web development to keep their skills up-to-date.

What skills are required?

In addition to the right programming languages and technologies, social skills such as communication skills, inquisitiveness and empathy are particularly important. After all, the perfect website requires a keen sense of the users' needs.

Skills at a glance:

  • Programming languages like JavaScript, HTML, CSS (frontend)

  • Basic knowledge of Node.js and databases (backend)

  • Accessibility basics

  • Confident handling of web frameworks and libraries like React

  • Agile working methods and workflows with Scrum techniques for performance optimization

  • Problem solving skills and willingness to learn

  • Good communication skills

Sounds like a lot at first? Yes, the job of a web developer is very extensive and varied. And the good thing is that - with a certain affinity for IT topics and a large portion of motivation - you can learn everything, for example in our 3-month Web Development Bootcamp like one of our "fish" Andrea:

"Without any programming experience, but with a lot of curiosity and an education voucher, I went straight to the bootcamp. I learned programming from scratch. This time was very exhausting, but it's called bootcamp, nobody expected a walk in the park. The result, however, is unexpectedly absurdly good!"
Andrea, graduate of our Web Development Bootcamp

What does a web developer earn?

Just like the job itself, potential salaries can vary greatly depending on experience, location, company and other factors. On average, entry-level employees start with a gross annual salary of around € 42,000-50,000. The more experience and the larger the employer, the higher the salary. Top salaries sometimes rise to € 70,000. The decisive factor is often specialization, because large companies work in web development with front-end and back-end developers as well as mobile developers and full-stack coders. Here you find out more information with regards to the salary of a Web Developer.

Become a part of the digital universe, become a web developer:

The job description piqued your curiosity? Are you ready to finally take the step into the online world and gain your first programming experience? Then we have just the thing for you: our neue fische 💥 Web Development Bootcamp! 💥
Without programming experience, but with a lot of interest and motivation in clean coding and basic knowledge in dealing with computers, we will make you fit for the job market in only 12 weeks. After this IT training, you'll know exactly how to program responsive websites and mobile-first web applications, and you'll have mastered the agile working methods that are in demand in today's top companies.

Any questions? Then feel free to contact us at or inform yourself here.

Do you want to know more about web developer salaries or what the role really incorporates? We'll give you more information!

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