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Be more than just a web developer

13th May 2024

Web developer jobs and everything you need to know about the profession

Web developers are not just programmers: they are the architects behind the digital worlds we navigate every day. Equipped with a variety of programming languages, design principles and problem-solving skills, they shape interactive user experiences and realise visions on the web. This role goes beyond just coding; it is a fusion of creativity, technical expertise and adaptability, which is critical in today's digital landscape.

Understanding the role: A comprehensive overview

Web developers are crucial individuals in the digital ecosystem, responsible for building and maintaining websites and web applications. Here's a breakdown of their key responsibilities:

Web Development:

Web developers design and develop websites and web applications using various programming languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. They ensure that websites are functional, visually appealing and optimised on different devices and browsers.

Frontend development:

Frontend developers focus on client-side web development and implement user interfaces and interactive elements using HTML, CSS and JavaScript frameworks such as React, Angular or Vue.js. They strive to create seamless user experiences that engage and delight visitors.

Backend development:

Backend developers work on server-side web development and deal with database management, server configuration and application logic using languages such as Python, Ruby or Node.js. They build the underlying infrastructure that powers websites and enables data storage and retrieval.

Full-stack development:

Full-stack developers and developers have expertise in both front-end and back-end development, which allows them to work on all aspects of a web application, from the user interface to server-side functionality. They have a versatile skill set that allows them to take on diverse projects and adapt to changing technology landscapes.

Web Maintenance:

Web developers are responsible for ongoing maintenance and updates to ensure that websites remain secure, performant and compliant with industry standards and best practices. They fix problems, implement security patches and optimise performance to provide users with a smooth browsing experience.

Overall, web developers combine technical skills with creative problem solving to create engaging and functional web experiences that meet the needs of businesses and users.

Understand the differences: Web development vs. Web Design

Web development and web design are two distinct disciplines within the web technology field, each with its own focus and skill set. 

Here are the differences:

Web development:

Focus: Web development primarily involves building and maintaining websites and web applications, with a focus on functionality, performance and scalability.

Skills: Web developers need knowledge of programming languages, database management, server-side architecture and version control systems. They are adept at problem solving and debugging to ensure the smooth functioning of web projects.

Goal: The main goal of web development is to create dynamic and interactive web experiences that fulfil the functional requirements of businesses and users. Web developers prioritise functionality and performance over aesthetics.

Web design:

Focus: Web design focuses on the visual and interactive aspects of websites, including layout, typography, colour scheme and user interface design.

Skills: Web designers and designers have skills in graphic design, user experience (UX) and prototyping tools. They have a keen eye for aesthetics and usability and strive to create visually appealing and intuitive web interfaces.

Goal: The main goal of web design is to create visually appealing and user-friendly websites that captivate and engage visitors. Web designers prioritise aesthetics and user experience to improve the overall experience.

To summarise, both web development and web design are essential components for creating successful websites, but differ in focus and skill set. Web development emphasises functionality and performance, while web design focuses on aesthetics and user experience.

As a web developer, there are a variety of job opportunities depending on skills, interests and specialisation. Here are some of the most common roles within the field:

Front-end developer: This role focuses on designing and implementing the user interface of a website. Front-end developers work with technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript as well as frameworks such as React, Angular and Vue.js to create engaging and interactive websites.

Backend developers: Backend developers are responsible for server-side logic and integrating the work of the frontend developer. They use programming languages such as Python, Ruby, PHP, Java or .NET and often work with databases and server architectures.

Full-stack developers and developers: Full-stack developers are proficient in both front-end and back-end technologies, which allows them to work on all aspects of an application. This role requires a broad knowledge of web development from user interface to data persistence.

Web designers and developers inside: In smaller projects or companies, web developers can also take on design tasks (see also UX/UI). This requires knowledge of design principles and tools such as Photoshop or Sketch as well as knowledge of HTML/CSS. 

CMS developers and developers: Developers who specialize in content management systems often work with platforms such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla. They customise websites, develop themes and plugins to meet specific requirements.

E-commerce developers and developers: In this role, professionals develop online shops and other e-commerce solutions, often using platforms such as Shopify, Magento or WooCommerce.
Mobile Web Developer: These developers specialize in optimizing web applications for mobile devices, using responsive design techniques and mobile-specific frameworks.

Salary: how much do you earn?

Salaries for web developers can vary greatly depending on location, experience, specialization and the type of company. In Germany, salaries for web developers are generally in the following ranges:

Entry level/junior web developers: 

Beginners can expect a salary of around €35,000 to €50,000 per year.

Mid-level web developers: With a few years of experience, web developers can earn between €50,000 and €70,000 per year.

Senior web developers: Experienced senior developers can expect a salary of €70,000 to over €90,000 per year.

These salaries can be higher in large cities and for specialized or high-demand technologies. The size and economic field of the company also play a role. Tech companies and start-ups often offer higher salaries and additional benefits such as stock options or bonuses.

If you want to know more about salaries in the industry, take a look here.

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