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Lukas' experience report #2

4th October 2019

Lukas web dev
Lukas reports on his bootcamp in Cologne in his second field report

An experience report:

Half-time at the Cologne Web Developer Bootcamp

Bergfest at the Bootcamp

The idea that in six weeks everything will be over again makes me wistful, and not only me. The group grows together more and more. In addition to the actual course, self-created side activities emerge: for example, the funny Q&A session with Thorsten* in the morning, or the Friday game 'Cards Against Humanity'. App ideas are also discussed and we think about which projects we can implement together on the weekend. Even if it has not yet come to that, due to all the input during the week. You should also switch off a little.

From JavaScript to React

After the two-week introduction to JavaScript, we switched to React. The JavaScript software library is our final working tool. With it we write HTML, JavaScript and CSS in one document, which makes the structure of a website totally logical and comprehensible. This is especially true because we divide the complete website into individual components, which we can theoretically even reuse in future projects. For now, the backend week awaits us before we start on the journeyman's piece the following week.

Ideas wanted for the digital capstone project

Our coach Leon has already given us a small insight into MongoDB, a database, this week. We also worked with our first "fake" API and used it to feed a database with restaurant and analysis data.
For the journeyman piece, we are already having conversations with Leon. We'll present our ideas to him to see if we can implement them in the given time frame. With the creativity of the course participants, we can be curious to see what different journeyman pieces will result.

It would be great if we could add another month or two to the course. Everyone is still super-motivated and wants to move forward. That's what keeps me going. And nothing is over yet!
See you soon, lg Lukas ✌️

*Name changed to protect privacy. Greetings at this point. ;-)

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