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Success Story of Evans – a testimonial from our bootcamp expert

4th October 2023

Evans has completed three bootcamps with us - In this interview with Amelie, he talks about his experience.

How Evans became a data expert through three bootcamps

For a coffee with... Evans! We had a chat with the inspiring and personable Evans, who already found his new employer during his first bootcamp, but then decided that one would not be enough. After studying economics, Evans realised during an internship that he wanted to turn his passion for IT into a daily business. By now, he graduated from the Data Analytics, Data Science and Machine Learning Engineering bootcamp. Wow!

Why did you come to neue fische?

Before starting the Data Analytics bootcamp, I studied economics. I soon realised that this field of work would be too stale for my taste, and that I would like to make my passion for IT my daily business. Throughout the end of my studies I already gained some insights in Data Analytics, which supported my desire to deepen my knowledge even further. A friend of mine already accomplished a bootcamp at neue fische, so I thought I could try that as well.

What was your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge probably was to stay motivated throughout the entire time. A full-time bootcamp can be really intensive, so you have to commit to it to 100 %. Sometimes it can be frustrating, if you do not understand every detail right away, but the key is to ask questions and keep going at all times.

What did you like most about the bootcamp?

I enjoyed being in a team, which was really supporting. We motivated and pushed each other and I always felt like I could ask – next to the coaches – everyone. The exchange was really helpful throughout all phases of the bootcamps, whether it'd be learning something completely new, working on the capstone project or checking each other's job applications.

What was your first capstone project about?

We wanted to make it something fun and approachable, something everyone can kind of relate to, so we decided to analyse car washing facilities in Germany. It was a nice project, which we then presented to approx. 100 people such as friends, family and partner companies.

Can you tell us more about your job entry?

During my Data Analytics bootcamp, I already applied for jobs and successfully executed an interview process with my current employer. Whilst I was in this process, I decided that I wanted to deepen my knowledge even further by joining the Data Science bootcamp prior to my entry. Actually, my employer was really happy with that decision and supported it from the beginning – a win-win situation, you could say. And since this turned out so well, and I gained more and more experience throughout my job, they even supported my decision to add another skill to my education, so I just graduated from the Machine Learning Engineering course.

What are your three top tips for upcoming students?

Ask questions at all times and don't be ashamed of it, stay motivated and focused and never forget to eat lunch – it's important to keep your energy level high.

Anything else you would like to add?

For me, it definitely was the best decision to do the bootcamp, well, several bootcamps. Even if you are not sure at first or struggle with some tasks, just keep going and simply just do it!

If you are interested in the whole interview (German only), click here.

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